Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow, another fun class. Last night a group of ladies met at The Rusty Bucket and we made (well, they made) starry eyed snowman pillows. This was a pattern I designed many years ago and even though it was old to me, everyone looked at it with new "starry eyes" and loved the design. What I love is watching everyone work from the same pattern and seeing each snowman develop his own personality as his face was stitched on. Some snowmen had bigger eyes and some smaller, some were smiling and some were sort of, well, smirking!
And the conversation was certainly lively during the evening. We discussed everything from favorite books and authors to menopause to where we lived in the past to, eventually ovaries and alzheimers. And some startling revelations were made regarding our bodies that we won't go into here! Poor Heather (the youngest of the group) sure got her ears full from us old-timers! Sorry Heather. But your turn is coming!! By the end of the night, conversation and good times aside, we actually did end up with snowman pillows. Good job ladies!

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  1. I enjoyed the class Sharon, and certainly learned a lot from the conversation! I am going to stitch up my snowman pillow tonight. I got some black piping for the edges, I will send a picture when it is done.