Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Time!

Thursday evening was a big event for little Raleigh, her preschool graduation. 
She wanted to pose on the old garden goose before leaving for graduation.  So young and innocent............ 
Paul, Meredith Reagan and Raleigh and baby makes three......... 
Marching on stage to receive her diploma.  Her teacher announced that Raleigh wanted to be a doctor when she grows up.............. 
Poppy got back from his week long trip just in time to see Raleigh graduate.   
Here's the proof!!!!  I did it!!!!!

Happy safe, be thankful for our military, be restful!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I finished the Thanksgiving disappearing nine-patch top yesterday.  This will give you ladies who want to do this class an idea of what your quilt might look like.  Start collecting those fall fabrics.  The lighter squares are for the embroidered designs.   Give me a shout if you need more information on fabric requirements.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where does the time go.........

I keep saying as I get older the time is moving faster.  I can't seem to keep up anymore.  There's never a dull moment, always something that needs to be done, worked on, created, girls, just fun stuff. 

Raleigh finally had her dance recital Saturday.  She was adorable, of course, as well as all the other little girls that participated.  There were at least 30 dances in the recital and Raleigh's group was number 14 on the list.  So she patiently watched and waited in the audience with her fans.
So here she is on stage.  The little girl next to her wasn't quite sure of her moves.  She sort of followed Raleigh's lead which was so sweet to watch.  Her group made it through their dance number without a hitch and were all so adorable! 
Mina and Raleigh posing after the show.  Everyone took lots of pictures of the future STAR!! 
OK ladies, I'm officially working on the Thanksgiving/embroidery quilt top.  I whacked up lots of fabric yesterday, traced several Thanksgiving embroidery designs and started laying out the pieces.  So I'll start putting them together today so you will have something to look at rather than pieces of paper with sketches on them!! 
So get your needles ready and soon we'll be able to start this Thanksgiving journey together.

Hot, hot, hot weather here in the sunny south so I'm staying indoors for the most part.  You either have to get out early or after the sun goes down to get anything done in the gardens.  Had a wonderful class and lunch at The Little Herb House yesterday.  Lisa is such a knowledgeable and giving teacher.  Thanks for a good time Lisa!!  If you haven't been, you need to visit The Little Herb House.  Lots of beautiful plants and flowers and gardens and STUFF!!!!!

Have a great rest of the week.  Raleigh's graduation from preschool is tomorrow evening, so I'm sure I'll be sharing a graduation photo or two!

Happy stitching.........................

Monday, May 16, 2011

Box Tops for Education

Thank you to everyone that has sent the Box Tops for Education for Reagan's school.  I wish you could be here to hear her squeal when I show her what you have shared.  She is so excited and so appreciative and wants so badly to collect as many as she can for her school.  So thank you very much and keep saving.  I don't know if they have a deadline but no one has shared that with me so I'll keep saving until they tell me not to!!   Actually, I always save them so guess I won't quit!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a couple of classes on Saturday.  One was  for the wool flags that my friend Debbie Busby created and the other was for the color embroidery. Both classes were great fun and everyone went home with homework (the fun kind, of course)! The ladies who participated in the color embroidery were especially happy. It's such an easy technique and can add so much to your embroidery designs. Especially shading on some of those "emptier" spaces.  
Raleigh's dress rehearsal for her recital is later this week so a big time for her.  The actual recital is on Saturday so I know she will be super excited and probably a bundle of nerves.   Plus she can't wait until she can wear her costume to play in.  We have to keep it hidden from her because she wants to wear it all the time!
Wishing you all a great week with lots of creative time!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all you mothers out there have a very special day!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's definitely getting to be my decorating, white & blue!  I put away the chicks last week and got out some patriotic pieces.  I just love my those a few years ago at The Rusty Bucket and can't wait to put them out each year.  They make me smile!

Forgot to share pictures of Uncle Sam rug, finally done and hanging.  Love him. 

Ms. Debbie explaining the fundamentals of binding a quilt.  This was the last class for this group of ladies.  What follows are pictures of their finished quilts.  They all turned out great.  All different and wonderful. 

Went to another T-ball game last night.  Of course Raleigh looked adorable in her batting helmet.  These games are so much fun to watch.  The parents are all tense and serious, yelling and coaching the kids.........and usually the kids could give a flip......having a good time, playing in the dirt, looking everywhere but where they need to look, just enjoying the company of others dressed just like them! 
This little guy was on the opposing team but I couldn't resist taking pictures of him.........he was so daggone cute.  And he was tiny.  I don't know if he was 3' tall.  Loved watching him.  And so serious when he was on the field. 
Loved this picture of Reagan too........getting ready to go play catcher but looking so angelic.  Girls can play ball too!!

Happy spring days..............go find a T-ball game to watch!