Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's definitely getting to be my decorating, white & blue!  I put away the chicks last week and got out some patriotic pieces.  I just love my those a few years ago at The Rusty Bucket and can't wait to put them out each year.  They make me smile!

Forgot to share pictures of Uncle Sam rug, finally done and hanging.  Love him. 

Ms. Debbie explaining the fundamentals of binding a quilt.  This was the last class for this group of ladies.  What follows are pictures of their finished quilts.  They all turned out great.  All different and wonderful. 

Went to another T-ball game last night.  Of course Raleigh looked adorable in her batting helmet.  These games are so much fun to watch.  The parents are all tense and serious, yelling and coaching the kids.........and usually the kids could give a flip......having a good time, playing in the dirt, looking everywhere but where they need to look, just enjoying the company of others dressed just like them! 
This little guy was on the opposing team but I couldn't resist taking pictures of him.........he was so daggone cute.  And he was tiny.  I don't know if he was 3' tall.  Loved watching him.  And so serious when he was on the field. 
Loved this picture of Reagan too........getting ready to go play catcher but looking so angelic.  Girls can play ball too!!

Happy spring days..............go find a T-ball game to watch!


  1. I love your dolls too. Your rug turned out awesome, no surprise there. Alice had her 1st softball game last night, both teams were awesome, only 1 little one playing in the dirt, only problem was she was the catcher and kept getting hit by the ball.

  2. Hi Sharon~

    I love decorating with Americana. There's something about the red, white, & blue that just puts a smile on my face. Love your Uncle Sam rug~it looks great on your wall. Your grandbabies are adorable too.

    Enjoy your day~Becky