Friday, May 31, 2013

Porch Sale

Hey everybody!!  It's Porch Sale time and I'm trying to be ready for 9am tomorrow, Saturday, June 1.  It got here really quickly but my schedule has been really busy so the time went by so fast.  I just snapped a few pictures of what I have out so far and I'm still pricing stuff.  So there will be more added as I go along this evening.  There are lots of retired Liberty Rose pieces as well as handcrafted items.  There are also a few antique pieces, fabric from the reorganization of my fabric shelves, dolls, mohair teddy bears that I am parting with sadly, vintage samplers, framed and unframed, a few small furniture pieces, and who knows what else.  I hope you have a little time to stop by and say hey, grab a cold bottle of water and take home a treasure or two!!

No, the potting bench is not for sale before you ask!!!!  But the stuff on it is for sale!!

Not a great picture, bright sun was coming in!

If I don't see you, I hope you have a super great weekend and stay cool and in the shade!  And of course, find a little time to stitch.

Now, back to work for me!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well......almost another month......

As much as I love my little blog, I just can't seem to get to it on a regular basis these days.  Life is just busy and when I finally think ok, now I can do the blog, more life happens.   But life is good, just super busy.  I have taken a few pictures along the way and will share a few of those with you.
We have a wall of shame that runs up the front stairs.  All black and white pictures of our kids, family members and grandchildren.  Well, this is a picture of Raleigh when she was probably around 2 years old.  My husband came and got me one evening to look at the picture which looked like it had a halo around Raleigh's head.  From somewhere in the dark hallway there was a small beam of light that hit that picture just right.  I ran, of course, and grabbed the camera to take a picture of the picture!  And we all know that Raleigh is absolutely a little angel!!!

Jeannie showing off her beautiful quilt from her beginning quilt class.  Great job and onto other projects!!! 
Pat and her sweet husband Jim showing off her finished bee skep flowery piece.  Pat had quite a time with this piece, but she perservered and got it done.  And Jim built the frame for her.  Good job to both of you!!!  It will look gorgeous in her living room!!! 
My husband apparently slipped and took a picture of me working on a new recipe card.  I don't even remember him taking this but oh well, there I am in all my glory!  Hmmmmmm.............. good thing I've started Weight Watchers!!!!!!!
I recently visited with the Capital Quilt Guild in Raleigh to do a lecture and a couple of classes.  This is the only picture I took of my "booth" so to speak.  I took quite a few patterns and models to share with the guild, who were mostly new to wool. 
I also took pictures from the stage of all the women waiting on me to talk.  I think they thought I was a nut up on stage taking their pictures!  I told them I had to take pictures because I had never talked in front of so many people. 
One of the classes the ladies did was a scrappy penny mat.  Once they got their instructions, the ladies were ready to dive into the wool piles.  I brought three crates of scraps for them to work with and enough wool to fill two tables.  Plenty to choose from! 
Sometimes there can be too much to choose from! 
All those circles need to be cut out before you can start having fun................. 
and the fun begins. 
A couple of the pennies laid out, planning in progress. 

I kept saying that someone just needed to sit in all that wool and have a good time.  They kept telling me I needed to sit in the wool.  Now we know that wasn't going to happen!  I might not get up!!  Well, Carla finally dove in and played in the wool.  I think she loves wool now!!! 
Wait until you husband sees this picture Carla!! 
Hmmmmmm........I think I like it! 
This is really starting to come together now.  Sometimes it's hard to envision something until
you can actually start putting the pieces together. 
And a new stitch to learn..........the blanket stitch. 
Actually, lots of blanket stitches to do now........homework! 
As you look at the pictures, you can see how different each lady created her mat.  That's the fun of using scraps for a project like this, it can be planned or it can be very random or also very color coordinated.  They're all beautiful!
Look at all those wool scraps in the background!!  Someone has to pick those up!

The second day was a muffin tin pincushion class with a smaller group of ladies.  I think they all had a good time as well and got their tins finished in class.  I didn't remember to take pictures until after a couple had left, so Ginger and Abbie are shairng their tins with you.  Good job ladies! 

And of course, what fun would a blog post be unless I included a couple Joshua photos!!  He's in one of my flower gardens actually posing for the first time that I can remember.  Usually I have to catch him on the go so this was very unusual. 
Oh Mina, I'm tired of this posing stuff......plop on the ground.  Done with that!!  And so is this post.

Find some time to do a little stitching!!