Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone! I had a visit from Taylor Swift aka Reagan (5 years old) and Belle aka Raleigh (3 years old) the other day. I received a call from their Mom that she couldn't find the girls which totally alarmed me until she whispered in the phone to go along with her. She then said that Taylor Swift, who my granddaughter absolutely loves, had dropped by for a visit and she knew Reagan would be so sad if she didn't get to see her. I asked if I could come over to get an autograph and see Taylor since the girls weren't there. When I arrived, Taylor popped around the corner and greeted me with an autograph in hand. She was so beautiful and sweet. I played along like I didn't know who she really was, like a good grandma should do. Next Belle appeared and Taylor told me that Belle was her backup dancer. I asked Taylor if she would perform for us and she said sure she would. And Belle would dance. Her Mom put a Taylor Swift video on TV for Reagan to sing along with. She got up and performed her little heart out while Belle did the ballet. Belle disappeared after a few minutes and returned in a new costume as Barbie. All told, I believe there were six costume changes for Belle. At the end of the performances, I said I needed to get home and told Taylor how sorry Reagan and Raleigh would be to have missed her. She said "one moment please" and disappeared around the corner. After a minute, she popped around the corner minus the blonde wig and said "Mina, it's me!" I feigned complete shock and couldn't believe that she had fooled me. What an experience it was and how lucky I am that their Mom called to share that with me. My little girls love playing dress-up and start planning their Halloween costumes months in advance. How exciting for them and lucky for us grandparents who get to share in the fun. Have a safe and happy trick-or-treating night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I finally got all the models completed for the upcoming November-December classes and just finished taking pictures. The "live" models will be at The Rusty Bucket by the weekend. Hope you see something you just have to create!! I am mailing out some schedules and also emailing some. If you aren't on my mailing list and would like a schedule, please drop me an email at and I'll be happy to send you one.
The first class I'm teaching is this wonderful turkey mat. The colors are so vibrant and just in time for Thanksgiving. This class is only going to be offered October 31, Nov. 1 & 2 so that you will have a chance to get your turkey done in time for Thanksgiving. Limited spaces available for this one.
This fun mat is called Holly Days.
This is one of my pattern designs that I re-did for this session of classes. I love the wool and embroidery together on this piece.
I'm calling this pillow "December 25 Pillow". Couldn't think of a better title. This is a combination of a couple elements from one of Debbie's patterns that I put together. A fun piece to stitch.
This class is called "Popcorn and Candy Canes". It will be a fun class where you will make three candy canes and start on the adorable popcorn garland.
And last but not least, another muffin tin pincushion class with a Christmas theme. Limited space in this class also due to muffin tin availability.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.....................................
We had the final Wilomena Witch class on Saturday afternoon and finally drew the name for the winner of the Wilomena Witch giveaway. I let Leslie do the drawing just to be fair.........................And the winner is Tonya Stonham of Durham. Congratulations Tonya!!
Everyone got busy creating their own witches since they didn't win the giveaway.
Loved Leslie's witch. A bit sassy!
Liza and Teresa were also very creative with their witches. Notice Liza's veil! Well, this is the last witch class of the season and I have to say they have been so much fun. Thanks to all the ladies for making this a very successful and enjoyable class.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, I had a fun thing happen on Sunday. I got to take a class from a dear sweet friend. She invited several people over to learn how to make a witch mannequin that she has absolutely perfected. Evette's mannequins (of which I am the proud owner of one) are absolutely beautiful. I had so much fun being with friends and getting creative and for once, being the student. Thanks "E" for a great time. By the way ladies, this may be a class next Fall so get ready!
Evette had a beautiful table set for us to work at along with a model of a witch mannequin (the one she made for me!). We hated to move anything from the table it looked so great.
All the supplies were laid out waiting on witches to be created. There were so many fun things to choose from.
Miss Queen Witch Evette and her magic hat!
A room full of ladies creating mannequins. Everyone's bodies were different fabrics. Wait till you see the finished products. All so unique.
Jan's witch was coming along nicely. What a sweet person she is. She surprised me with "the girls" embroidery pattern all pieced. Can't wait to see it quilted! Thanks a bunch Jan!!!!
Look at all the beautiful witch mannequins. The witches have long since hung up their gowns and hats and are off to dreamland.
Kim's mannequin was quite decked out. I think her witch went to a very special witch's ball!
My mannequin is, of course, the red one and Evette made the purple one. Aren't we the pair of floozies! This was a super fun class taught by an extra special person!!! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A day at the pumpkin farm is just what everyone needs to get in the fall mood. I took my grandaughters to Hillridge Farms in Youngsville, NC on Tuesday. We were there for several hours and had a blast. What a beautiful, wonderful place for children to visit. There were animals to feed (including some giant catfish in the pond) and games to play, a train ride and a hayride culminating in the most fun part, picking out a special pumpkin to take home. I highly encourage any parent or grandparent to visit this peaceful beautiful place.
This was a really cool slide. You walked up the steep sidewalk and slid through the tube on a burlap sack. The girls did this at least ten times. I would have been pooped just walking up the sidewalk!
Beautiful Reagan just riding along on the train.
Another fun and cool thing......a structure filled with corn kernels. You could go in a swish around in the corn or bury yourself in it as Reagan was trying to do. Or even try to make a corn kernel sand castle as Raleigh was trying to do.
This was the funniest thing. As the girls were in the corn kernel house, I was outside watching when I noticed the goats having a parade. They walked completely around the pond, following the white goat in the front. It was just the cutest thing to see.
At last, what we've been waiting for all day...........picking out the most perfect pumpkin. Aren't they adorable!! Raleigh said she was looking for a "little punkin'". And of course Reagan needed one a little larger since she's the older, bigger sister.