Friday, January 28, 2011

Hooking Away.....

I don't know how many of you have read Lisa's blog from Lone Star Mercantile, but last week she suggested that any of us hookers with unfinished projects should join her in "Rug Watchers" similar to Weight Watchers but focusing on being held accountable to finish those rugs.  So, after some gentle persuading from Lisa, I dug out my Uncle Sam rug that I started hooking on years ago, carried the rug frame to the living room in front of a comfy chair, and started hooking.  You should hook at least ten minutes a day and at the end of the week show what progress you made.  So here's my Uncle Sam before this week.......

And here's Sam after a week of hooking here and there...... 
So now he has pants to wear, hands, face and hat finished.  I really wanted to get his boots hooked today but just couldn't fit it in.  So at least they're outlined. 

So I guess there is something to that accountability factor, whether trying to lose weight or hook rugs!!  Thanks for the nudge Lisa.  Anybody else want to join us in our rug watchers journey?

Merry weekend to everyone.....find some time to do a little stitching.....or hooking!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Week.......

My six year old granddaughter has been tracked out of school the three weeks following Christmas.  Before Thanksgiving she started asking me if she could learn to use the sewing machine.  I told her when she was tracked out and we had some time, we would learn to use the machine.  She really wanted to make a doll dress for her Bitty Baby named Avery.  I told her that would take lots of practice, but we'd see.  Well, she didn't forget and reminded me and reminded me and reminded me some more.  I started her out just playing on the machine, getting used to it, trying to stitch straight lines.  Then we tackled a nine-patch quilt square.  She did great with both.  She then decided she was ready to make the doll dress!!  I tried to talk her out of it but to no avail.  So we made a trip to the fabric store, I let her pick out her own fabric and off we went. 
Here she is sewing the straps for the little sun dress. 
And trimming threads.  That was very important to her. 
On day two we completed the dress.  She did a lot of the work and I helped where it was more challenging.  I think she did a great job and I'm very proud of her for wanting to learn and do something so badly.  She told me this week she wants to be a fashion designer so we'll see....................... 
After we got home from Raleigh's ballet class, the girls climbed this tree.  Now I don't think I've ever seen a ballerina in a tree before! 
Awwww.......sisterly love! 
From the perspective of a four year old...........Raleigh was walking around taking pictures one afternoon.  I deleted them all but this one which I thought was hilarious.  This is from her Handy Manny tool box.  I heard her talking to the tools but didn't pay attention to what she was doing.  Guess she likes the hammer the best! 
Large class on Saturday for Valentine Photo Transfer.  The room was full, the ladies were creative and we had lots of fun. 
Sorry Dolly, I just had to share this photo.  You are so darned funny!  And sweet!! 
Tricia says this is how not to make a heart!!!!  We had a do-over on this one.  Second time's the charm! 
Leslie is trying to decide which Valentines she wants to copy.  There were quite a few to choose from and everyone's pieces came out adorable. 
Kim and Dolly busy at work.  They really got a lot accomlished.  Notice how Dolly won't look up anymore!!  Sorry!!!!

Find some time to stitch today!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Monday, January 17, 2011

Down the Maiden's Path

Two new girls to add to "Down the Maiden's Path" BOM series. 
This is Martha for February.  I love the cherries in this one and the wonderful shade of red (my favorite color!!) 
And this is Annabell for March/April.  This picture doesn't do her justice.  The colors are so much prettier in person. 

There are two more blocks to come for those of you locally that are doing the BOM.  We have Daisy for May/June and Betsy for July.  I hope everyone has enjoyed working on these girls as much as I have had in designing and stitching them.  Each time I stitch a new one I say "that's my favorite!".  So they must all be my favorites.

Find some time to do a little stitching today............

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a girl kind of day.  The little girls showed up this morning in their PJ's with bed hair.  I walked in the room upstairs to check on them and they were sitting side by side in the middle of one of the classroom tables watching a movie.  At one point they had their heads together.  It was so sweet so of course I ran and grabbed the camera. 

It's a little frightful outside but we're cozy inside.  I left out some snowmen for after-Christmas decorating. 
We should all be sipping hot cocoa on these cold winter days......... 
Reagan has been begging me to teach her to sew on the machine.  So this afternoon we're having mini-lessons.  I have her working on plain fabric getting comfortable with the machine.  She, of course, wants to make a doll dress today.  Over-achiever!!!! 
Raleigh had ballet class this morning and refuses to get out of her ballet outfit.  I don't blame her, not only is it adorable, it looks comfy too.  A little computer time for her while big sister learns to use the sewing machine. 
I love the picture of Reagan's hands as she guides the fabric.   
Uh-oh, what was that noise??!! 
This snowman redware plate looks as though he's saying "It's frightful out there!!"

Merry Winter Days..................

Monday, January 10, 2011

OK, the bedroom is finally done, except for hanging a few pictures.  I had to put that on hold until I got my classroom/office put back together.  So here are a couple pics of the bedroom.  Really wanted red curtains but couldn't find any that I liked.  Maybe down the road I can change the green to red.  But for now, they'll do.  Also had a comforter in mind for the bed but can't find that in a king size so we'll settle for the green quilt.

Had a snowman wool crazy class on Saturday.  I think this class is going to be a lot of fun.  Can't wait to see the finished projects. 
Dolly and Sue had a surprise when they got here.  They thought I was going to have the blocks all drawn off for them and they would just have to pick their wool.  Surprise, surprise!!!! 
Love the darker colors with bits of bright in Sue's block. 
I think Dolly had more blues in her block but also some hints of dark winter clouds. 
Teresa definitely gravitated towards the blues.  It's going to turn out great when she starts appliquing all those reds she wants to use. 
Betsy was a class ahead of everyone so she got to play with her applique pieces.  Looks like she's looking for a few more from a fun book she brought to class. 
Hey Jennifer, love those giraffe's on your shirt.  I don't think I paid attention to those in class!  And love your block too.   
For no other reason except I thought they were pretty, here's a picture of my fruit bowl.  I don't think it's ever been just yellow which was such a contrast to the cloudy skies outside.  A bit of happy sunshine inside!!

We're supposed to have some more bad weather today and I have class this morning.  Hopefully we'll get class done before the weather comes our way.  Hope you can find some time for stitching today.  I know I will!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

What a difference a day makes.....

Progress has been made.  Everything isn't done yet but I feel like I moved mountains today!!!  The classroom is all ready for class tomorrow (hopefully we won't have bad weather) and I'm looking forward to using the "new" space.
A little more moving around room and an additional table was added 
I actually have fabric back out on the shelves.  I packed away crates of fabric a few years ago.  It's good to see some it in a more visible place other than a crate in a closet.  There's still quite a bit still packed away that may surface someday. 
My new office.  I am so happy to have this space with a little more breathing room.  There's still some more organization that needs to happen here but all the major pieces are in place. 
There's your stitching chair "E"! 

Got this funky chest from a friend at the flea market to see if it could possibly house my patterns.  I got them crammed in there and I think this is going to work great, at least for now.  I was even able to fit in my little child's school desk, which I was afraid might be banished to the garage. 
This is my new paper area.  There are shelves directly across from this set-up which will hold all the paper crafting supplies.  This was another area that I didn't seem to have enough space to work at.  Hopefully this will do the trick. 
The other end of the "paper" room.  I even got out my rug hooking frame.  Maybe I can sit and hook someday................... 
I just love all my sewing collectibles.  They're everywhere in the space, of course.  They make me smile.

Notice there are no pictures of my girls today!!  Amazing how much gets done where little girls aren't around!  But when they are here, they're such good helpers and picture posers.

9pm and back is aching.  Time for a little stitching.................

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change is in the air.........

OK, I've heard people say pick a new word for the year.....not necessarily resolutions but a word to describe how you want your year to go.  I think mine is CRAZY!!!  Not really, but sort of.  Actually, I think my new word will be LESS.  Less of me, less stuff, less dust, just LESS. 

Mark and I started off the New Year by painting the master bedroom.  That is still not completely back together because I've been pulled other directions. 
The room is painted, the bed is painted and furniture is in the room.  No fluffing yet. 
And in the middle of my disaster, I decided to go ahead and take down the bed and other furnishings from another bedroom and turn that into an office.  So here we are with an almost empty room.  The only thing that will stay in this room is the chair (perfect for stitching!). 
In that under the bed storage unit in the picture above were more patterns.  I think these things are multiplying.  UGH!! 
Raleigh discovers one of the crates loaded with bears and other things from a cabinet that was moved from the room.  Boy was she excited.  She emptied the entire crate onto the floor in the new empty room that she thinks I created for her to have room to play.  Silly girl! 
While I'm moving things, Reagan took a break to paint.  Don't all great artists hold their brushes between their teeth!  She's not feeling 100% with an ear infection and a little pink eye.   
And while cleaning out a closet, I ran across this dress that was too small for Reagan and too big for Raleigh but I had lost the receipt.  So I just hung it up and decided to keep it for Raleigh to grow into.  She was "helping" me clean out the closet and when I showed her the dress she decided she needed to put it on right now.  And so she's showing me with the tape measure how much she has grown to justify having the too-big dress on.  Again, funny girl! 
This is where my office used to be, now almost torn apart.  Another big mess. 
And this is where my classes are held.  Hey, girls, class here on Saturday??!! 
This is the empty bedroom now housing my office stuff.  At least most of it.  I think I'm going to like being in this room. 
And last but not least, Raleigh all dressed up in her new too-big dress and my gold chain, hair in pigtails "just like a princess", saying it'll all get done Mina, don't worry.