Friday, April 27, 2012

A few of my favorite things....

My workroom/classroom is finally back together, everything is in it's place or new place, all the crates and boxes are emptied and I'm a happy girl.  I have all my "treasures" out on the shelves again, all dusted and ready for everyone to enjoy.  I walked around the room yesterday and took pictures of all the "stuff" that I have sitting on top of the shelves.  These are the antique sewing machines, vintage toy sewing machines, pincushions, etc. that I've collected over the years.  These are things that make me smile and so I decided to share those things with you too.  Smile!!

As you can see, I love buttons and tomato pincushions.  Among other things!  So glad my little room is all in order now and I can get back to work.  I have class models that need some finishing touches and some recipe cards to create. 

Happy creative Friday...............

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a super busy week I've had.  The class models are mostly finished, at least enough to get pictures and get the class schedule out to everyone.  My sewing machine was packed away while the room was being worked on so a few finishing touches once things are together again.  If you're interested in classes and didn't receive a schedule, please let me know.  I don't have the dates published on my web site calendar yet, but will get that done asap (when ever that is!).
Flower Garden Quilt

Liberty mat or pillow

Liberty Pincushion (English paper piecing)

Acorns mat

Betsy framed piece or pillow

The guys came on Wednesday and started laying the floor in classroom.  YAY!!!
My husband was in Florida until Thursday afternoon so I really wanted it done before he returned. 
No more carpet!!!!!!  Yippppeeeeeee.............doing the happy dance! 
Almost done.  Whew, what a job.  Thanks Mark and Pat for getting it done on my schedule!!!  
My first class in the new space.  The ladies couldn't believe the difference in the space and that it was done.  That part is done, now I have to fit everything back in the room!!!! 
Everyone comfortably fit around the tables.  That was so nice. 
Sharing projects and ideas............. 
Lynn is so proud of her turkey.  She took the class a couple of years ago but perservered and got Mr. Gobble Gobble done.  I think she calls him BeBe?  Whatever the name, he turned out beautiful! 
Three ladies came on Saturday to work on a couple of projects.  They, too, enjoyed the new space.  Look at all that wonderful wool they get to play with.

I am so happy to have my workroom done and ready for me to reorganize.  I have been emptying boxes and crates as quickly as I can to get things back to "normal".  A slow process since I have several classes coming up but eventually it'll all be done and I'll be even happier. 

Thanks for taking my "disaster" journey....................

Monday, April 16, 2012

A quick update about my chaotic house.  Progress is being made and it seems I have been moving boxes and crates for a month now.  The storage room floor was put down on Thursday which enabled me to empty all the boxes from the bedroom and get that room back in order.
Worker Mark is either sleeping on the job or he's just plain worn out!!!  Or it could be his back is hurting.  I think the latter!  I think he said, to quote, "Sharon, you're killing me!"  Whatever!! 
A quick glimpse into the storage room, all back in order. 
I didn't take a picture of the bedroom all nice and clean and dusted................before I loaded it up with more boxes and crates from my workroom.  In order to do the floors in there, all that stuff had to go some place!  Oh, will we ever get back to normal?! 
I worked for quite a few hours on Sunday packing and hauling all the stuff out of the storage room that I could.  Then I gave the place a good vacuuming and dusting and tried to get the furniture where I would want it after the floors got put in.  That way I would have a game plan when the worker guys were here and could help me move it around. 

Look how open the classroom area is now.  I love it! 
Can't wait to get all my things back in the room.  Patience I keep telling myself. 
Sewing Doll class on Saturday.  We met in the dining room.  Tight quarters but I hadn't yet cleaned up the classroom.  Sunday I had recipe card class in the new space.  Loved it!  Notice I have one student that is in the witness protection program!! 

We watched two of the three grandchildren on Sunday evening.  Joshua was so cute in the bathtub and obviously teething.  Everything goes in the mouth right now. 
Reagan has grown up!!  Seven years old and so smart.  I was taking pictures of Joshua and I asked her if anybody ever took her picture anymore and she said no.  That made me sad but it's probably very true.  So of course, Mina had to snap a couple of my girl.  She is called by her parents "mini Mina".  She told me when she was four years old that she wanted to grow up to be just like Mina.  Made me cry!! 
Bath time over and in some jammies.  He said "oooohhhhhh".................

That's a little bit of my week.  Lots more classes were here (in the dining room) but I neglected to take pictures.  We had so much fun doing a Round Robin mat on Tuesday along with a pot luck lunch.  It was so busy I never thought to snap pictures.  Can't wait to see those projects next month.

Happy Monday.......................

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Whew, timbers away.  Mark and I have become quite the little builders in this project.  We learned it's easier and quicker to just throw things out the window rather than running up and down stairs.  We learned that trick when the floors were being laid in the other two rooms and the first thing the guy did was take out a window in order to toss out the carpet.  Pretty nifty trick.  The most fun was throwing the dry wall out the back window!!  That was my toss things out the window!!
We called in reinforcements to do the electricity.  Mark tried to figure it out but we weren't comfortable with doing the wiring.  Andy came to our rescue!!  He's trying to teach Mark what to do for the next time but I don't think there will be a next time!!!
Filling in that big gap where the wall used to be.  This part seems to take the longest because you have to tape and put on a couple layers of mud and sand and everything has to have drying time and of course, I want it done five days ago!
Andy finally took over for Mark and put all the wires in the right place!!
A couple of fresh coats of paint on the walls.......and new shelving built with our old shelving wood....trying to repurpose as much as I can.
Spent a good part of Monday painting the new shelving......
New curtains hung..........looking better each day......
But here's the part of the room that you're not seeing......looks like a bomb went off in there!!  All this stuff has to go some place.
I think someone has too much stuff!!!!  There will definitely be some cleaning out and reorganizing when I can finally get things put away. 

I think some sanding has to be done today and then the ceiling sprayed and then hopefully I can get things somewhat back to normal.  The new floors will be put in the end of the month so I don't really want to put everything back just yet.  Just the necessities!

Two classes here this morning so we'll be meeting downstairs.  Imagine silly me thinking all of this would be done in time for class today.  Oh well, a girl can dream......................