Friday, April 6, 2012


I had slated on my calendar to tear a dividing wall down the end of April.  Well, sometimes things just happen.  The walls are coming down now!
My poor husband got home from work and started right in on the wall.  We had the best time looking at all the colors I've painted over the years.  There was shelving on this wall so the baseboards didn't get painted after awhile, but we found blue, red and lastly white on the trim work.  And in that back corner I discovered spools of thread that I had stenciled along the wall edge that were hidden by the shelving and never got painted over.  I had totally forgotten about that.
One side of dry wall gone..... 
Oh no, I worked hard painting that beautiful red wall.  Sad but good. 
Here's what it looks like this morning.  Tonight he will get the electricity removed and then the studs. 
I hope this opens up the space for my classes and everyone has a little more room to move around.  Now I just have to figure out where to put all the stuff that was on those shelves that no longer exist!  HA!!

Won't be any stitching in that room for awhile but I do have some hand work that I need to get busy on downstairs, so off I go......

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  1. Well, Marky has a lil mess there, but I'm sure it will be beautiful when it's finished...can't wait to see it.