Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a super busy week I've had.  The class models are mostly finished, at least enough to get pictures and get the class schedule out to everyone.  My sewing machine was packed away while the room was being worked on so a few finishing touches once things are together again.  If you're interested in classes and didn't receive a schedule, please let me know.  I don't have the dates published on my web site calendar yet, but will get that done asap (when ever that is!).
Flower Garden Quilt

Liberty mat or pillow

Liberty Pincushion (English paper piecing)

Acorns mat

Betsy framed piece or pillow

The guys came on Wednesday and started laying the floor in classroom.  YAY!!!
My husband was in Florida until Thursday afternoon so I really wanted it done before he returned. 
No more carpet!!!!!!  Yippppeeeeeee.............doing the happy dance! 
Almost done.  Whew, what a job.  Thanks Mark and Pat for getting it done on my schedule!!!  
My first class in the new space.  The ladies couldn't believe the difference in the space and that it was done.  That part is done, now I have to fit everything back in the room!!!! 
Everyone comfortably fit around the tables.  That was so nice. 
Sharing projects and ideas............. 
Lynn is so proud of her turkey.  She took the class a couple of years ago but perservered and got Mr. Gobble Gobble done.  I think she calls him BeBe?  Whatever the name, he turned out beautiful! 
Three ladies came on Saturday to work on a couple of projects.  They, too, enjoyed the new space.  Look at all that wonderful wool they get to play with.

I am so happy to have my workroom done and ready for me to reorganize.  I have been emptying boxes and crates as quickly as I can to get things back to "normal".  A slow process since I have several classes coming up but eventually it'll all be done and I'll be even happier. 

Thanks for taking my "disaster" journey....................


  1. I love your new space - I would really like to have a list of your classes... I sew want to come take a class. Thanks from Judy C

  2. You new studio looks lovely. You gals look like your really going to make great use of it. :)

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