Monday, August 29, 2011

A quick note before heading off to dreamland.................
Debbie Powell finished her Thanksgiving quilt.  Don't you love the way she framed the blocks!!!!  My quilt is finally finished (the stitching part at least).  Once I found some time to sit and stitch, it went quickly.  Hope everyone is having fun working on their blocks! 
This picture was taken right before Hurricane Irene hit our area.  I wish I had a stronger lens in my camera, but this picture is still pretty cool.  We were spared damage and truly bad weather here in the Piedmont area.  We had some rain and winds but nothing worse than one of our thunderstorms, which we're having tonight.  I actually think we're getting more rain with the storm tonight than we did with the hurricane.  I know other people are suffering and have terrible damage from the storm and my heart goes out to them. 
Joshua Paul with his eyes open!!!  He just wants to sleep all the time so I had to torture him to get him to open his eyes for me.  His Mama is getting ready to feed him so looks like he may be awake for that.  Isn't he a cutie patootie!!! 
Any family resemblance yet?  I'll bet his Daddy would like to be asleep right now.  I don't think Paul has had much sleep since J.P. was born!

Wishing you all a peaceful night and a wonderful tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Sisters

Reagan and Raleigh FINALLY got to hold their baby brother Joshua.  They were in awe of him and couldn't stop kissing him. 
Reagan loves baby Joshua already!!  She will make a great big sister. 
And Raleigh will also make a great big (medium) sister.

We all got a chance to hold little Joshua this evening and he was so adorable.  His skin color looks great and his breathing was wonderful and he slept the entire time we were there, unlike yesterday where he cried the entire time.  Amazing what a difference a day will make...............

Monday, August 22, 2011


Welcome to the world Joshua Paul Stewart
August 22, 2011 (two weeks early!)
9 pounds, 22 inches
along with his proud Daddy Paul 
A tired, but doing well Meredith and new baby Joshua and Daddy makes three (until the girls get here!) 
Ooops, speaking of the the family is all together and all smiles.  Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the baby boy who was just named Joshua Paul.  We've been trying to come up with a name for quite awhile and of course, Paul and Meredith were trying to settle on an "R" name.  But I think Joshua fits this little fella. 
The two big sisters outside the hospital.  Get ready little J.P., these girls are waiting on you!!!!

No one expected the baby today, but he came on his schedule.  Meredith was going to be induced if he wasn't born before August 29 because he was a pretty big baby and the last couple of weeks would have really put on some size.  So a blessing that he's here early, doing well, and ready to start his little life. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Loose Stitches Stitchery Club

We had our first Loose Stitches Stitchery Club meeting this morning and I'm so excited.  Everyone had a great time, we had show and tell and finally got to work on some unfinished projects.  Some ladies brought wool projects to work on and others brought embroidery projects.  And anywhere I could offer help and/or advice I did. 
Before we got busy stitching I had the ladies bring something for show and tell.  Sometimes it's inspirational for others to see what we're working on.   
Pam brought her beautiful Projects book and her sunflower pincushion.  Both turned out great. 
Love the placement of her happy face pins!! 
Betsy is our very talented and gifted rug hooker.  Just a few of the projects she has worked on this year.  She is over the top!!!!  And also now a North Carolina resident.  We're so happy to have her here full time. 

Laura is into quilting and had a beautiful table runner to share that she's working on for the barn sale.  She and Pam are make some beautiful things for the sale so stay tuned for that............... 
And look, she has some matching accessories for her pincushion.  My intent is to turn this into a pattern one day............................ 
Tricia and Pat are both trying to finish their America pillows.  They're almost there........just in time for next year's patriotic decorating. 
Well look at Pat, she finished her pillow!  (or stole mine!!) 
This is Pat's wool crazy that she started last year.  She has a lot done and a little ways to go.  Hopefully we'll be able to tackle some of this in the stitchery club.  We may need to meet more than once a month! 
And last but not least, Gerry brought in some table runners that she was working on and also a sweet little paper "suitcase" box.  Wonderful! 

We were missing two or three from this group today so maybe next month we'll have some new show and tell.  Just wanted to share what the ladies shared.

Have a wonderful weekend.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's school time again and time to start saving those Boxtops for Education.  Reagan and I took some time this afternoon to glue down the labels we had saved so far.  As you can see, she is very happy to have the boxtops to turn in to her teacher tonight at open house.  Just email me if you want to save the boxtops and need my mailing address.  I truly appreciate your help and Reagan definitely appreciates it.  Last year she turned in the most boxtops in her classroom and won a pizza party for the entire class.  In case you don't know, the school receives 10 cents for each boxtop turned in to be used for school supplies and other necessary items. 
Is anyone in the mood for a little snow?  I am for sure!!!  I've been working on a few things for the Barn Sale coming up in October.  A friend gave me the directions for this little guy many, many years ago and I finally decided to work on a few.  You'll have to wait for the Barn Sale to see the finished product!! 
Oh look, Lynn decided to come back and help me again.  Thank goodness.....I need all the help I can get right now.  She's trying to catch me up on all the past recipe card classes.  If you're missing any cards ladies, be sure to check the boxes.  Lynn is filling them quickly!! 
I started working in my workroom (or studio as Evette calls it!) at 7am this morning.  I was excited to get busy because I had a pattern idea I was anxious to get started.  This was an idea from at least ten years ago that I never really did anything with other than pack away my initial wool piece.  So now I think I have a game plan and am busy picking flosses and wools.  Again, you'll have to wait for the Barn Sale to see the finished creation!!  Think "farmhouse"........ 
Oh my, Lynn came back again!!  Boy, she's a Saint.  And look at all the stamp pads she is busy using.  I am so happy to have her here and can't say how much I appreciate her time.  And you ladies will be happy to get some of those past recipe cards too.  Thanks Lynn! 
I do believe she's working on the Santa recipe card from December.  Anyone need that one? 

I sent out a couple of emails today regarding the Barn Sale.  Sorry for sending out two but somehow I messed up the first one.  So hopefully you all have that email just full of Barn Sale information.  Let me know if you didn't get one and I'll be sure to send it right away. 

We have our first Loose Stitches Stitchery Club meeting here tomorrow.  I'm excited to see the ladies and have some fun things planned for the group as time goes on.  We have a second group that will meet later on in the month.   Let me know if you need information on the Club or would like to join.

Happy almost Friday!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mark and I made a quick trip to Farmer's Market in Raleigh Saturday afternoon.  Our temperatures were in the low 80's and you could actually breathe outside.  A perfect time to go visit the farmers.
OK, this display of peppers had me intrigued.  I have to admit I had never seen purple or white peppers.  I thought this bunch of peppers was just beautiful. 
And who doesn't love fresh cut flowers from the garden.   
I guess we must be in pepper season!  I know there were lots of watermelons and tomatoes too.  A happy eating season indeed! 
OK, my workroom looks like a bomb went off.  I'm busy working on new recipe cards for September/October classes, other recipe cards for the barn sale, and lots of other things thrown in for good measure.  So I suppose in order to be creative things have to get a bit messy. 
Lynn came over Monday afternoon to help out a little.  I had piles and piles for her to work on!! 
More you see the healthy tomatoes hidden in there?  Nournishment......... 
A sneak peek at an almost done recipe card for the barn sale.  I may have five, six, seven or eight new cards ladies!!!  Save your $$$ Sue!

Speaking of the barn sale, mark your calendars for October 14-15.  It's fast approaching.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classes, classes and more classes.  That's how it's been around here the past few days.  I've taken pictures at some of the classes and forgot at others, but here are a few fun pictures to share.
A group of seven ladies got together Saturday morning to make project binder covers.  They all got creative with the drawings I gave them and created their own, unique covers. 
Pam decided to do her journal cover in her favorite color! 
And we did sunflower pincushions in the afternoon.  Looks beautiful Linda! 
And Debby brought her Becky in to show how the pincushion matched. 
We had our first Quarter Seamers Quilt Club here on Sunday afternoon.  The gals started off with some beautiful show and tell.  I couldn't put all the pictures on the blog, but here are a few. 

And this is part of the project that we will be making in this club.  There are 83 total different blocks that will be done using Civil War fabrics.  This task is a little daunting for some of us, but others just jumped right in and got busy.  We get four blocks a month to work on, so we should be able to accomplish that! 
Debbie Powell (our teacher) explaining something important, I just can't remember what!  Some student I am!! 
Lisa and Elaine wrapped up in the Thanksgiving quilt.  They'll soon be wrapped up in their own quilts! 
Little Raleigh was here most of last week and on one of those days wanted to get the paints out and get a little artistic.  She painted quite a few pictures. 
Well, this week Raleigh started kindergarten.  I miss her already!!!!!

I posted the new class schedule on the web site as well as pictures on the side bar of the blog.  Maybe you'll find something you want to come and make.  We always have a grand time!