Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a note to let everyone know that Lisa's Mom passed away Thursday morning before Lisa got there.  Keep Lisa in your thoughts and prayers.

Now, go out and enjoy the windy day we're having and pretend like you're Winnie the Pooh!  It's a blustery sort of day.....................

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I promise this is the last post of the bathroom and bedroom.  Several people has asked me to show pictures of it decorated.  I have put some things back and everything is nice and clean and the dust is all gone (for now!).  So here are a few pics of the bathroom which we are finally starting to use again.  Feels weird I have to say.

I meant to put a runner on the commode but forgot.  Still working on it!!!  The Hollyhock Fairy is an old stitchery from Fannie Turgeon that I used to sell in my store and Lisa sold in her store.  We both fell in love with this one and each got one.  Well, mine has been in the garage on a shelf for years because it just didn't have a place in my house.  Now it does.  It looks much better in person than in the picture.  A very cottage look in the bathroom. 
Moved a table into the bedroom on Mark's side of the bed.  Gives him a little more room for his stuff and fills in the space better.   Hung the big red star over the bed that used to be in the living room where a quilt now hangs in its place
Mark's comfy recliner has been in the bedroom for years.  Tried to give him a better seating area.  As you can see I love RED!!! 
This old oak cupboard has been in about every room in the house.  It holds all my miniature teddy bears from various artists that I used to collect.  They are so sweet and I can't bear to part with them.  Anyway, we moved out a big old wardrobe and needed something smaller in it's place so this works.

So that's it in a nutshell.  I'm done moving, painting and decorating for awhile now.  Still have the holes in the living room ceiling but they'll be fixed soon.  So y'all just ignore me now and don't be looking for anymore "house" projects!!!!!

On a sad note, Lisa from Lone Star is about to make her final trip home to her Mom's so everybody keep her and Mom in your prayers for a safe journey and a peaceful journey for her Mom.  And she promises in April that she'll be ready to offer some rug hooking and punchneedle classes so get ready for that.  Also, you gals that are waiting on the Memory piece, Lisa has that in the works for April also.  She's going to be a busy gal. 

Happy stitching.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Dance Day!!

As my friend Lisa says, "it's happy dance day!!"  I finished Uncle Sam this morning.  YAY!!  He still has to be whipstitched and bound, but the hooking is done.  I love him.  Thanks Lisa, for getting me going again! 
 And happy dance number 2 is because we just finished the bathroom.  FINALLY!!!  Seems like it has taken forever and I just can't believe how much stuff and work goes into one tiny space.  The only thing we're not happy with are the shower doors we hung last night.  They'll probably be replaced in the not so distant future but for now, they're up and we're living with them.  I love the way the bead board turned out and all the bronzy-black accents.  This is the first room I've ever painted "white" so that's a switch for me.  It seems so crisp and clean. 

And look who finally made it back to the proper throne sitting area.  Glad to see this thing out of the bedroom for sure.  We have lots of cleaning up and putting back together in the bedroom and bathroom so I'll post more pictures once I get a few things in the bathroom.  Right now I'm too busy dancing to worry about that!!! 
I had a small brown paper bag class here Saturday.  These ladies all wanted to make the little sewing book I created and this was the last date the class was offered so away we go.  Everyone had fun cutting, pasting and creating and they all added their own special touches to their books. 
I think Elaine was the most excited about this book.  Her's is turning out great.  Friend Kara looks on for moral support.  I'm so glad you finally have your book Elaine. 
TA-DA!!  Good going ladies.  As you can see we had our class in the living room under the holes in the ceiling because the quilt class was meeting upstairs in the classroom.   
These ladies got together for their last quilt class to add the bindings to their quilts.  Joan created her masterpiece for her son.  I know he's going to love the beautiful job she did on her quilt. 
And Debby did a Christmas quilt this time.  I love the fabrics she chose.  Notice the way the blocks were placed in the top left hand corner.  Looks like a tree. 
Love it Lynn.  The colors look great together and your layout is beautiful!
There are four ladies that couldn't attend this class so I'll be posting pictures of their finished pieces later in the week.  They're all beautiful. 

I'm going back to my bathroom.  Enjoy the day.  Happy President's Day!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I can't believe how fast the days go by.  Friday already.  I need some more days added to the week to accomplish everything I want to get done.  I think this post will be mostly about progress.  First of all bathroom progress.

The trim is up, the walls have been painted and the floor is being laid.
The dark brown is the new flooring. 
And the toilet is back in the bathroom.  YAY!!!! 
But look what happened.  I sat down Wednesday morning to hook on my rug and there was water on the floor.  I cleaned it up, trying to figure out where it came from.  I sat back down to start hooking when a plop of water hit me right on the head.  I looked up to find water dripping from the ceiling.  OH NO!!!  I called my husband to come home, moved furniture and my SAM rug out of the way, grabbed a bucket and watched as water dripped out of the ceiling.  I just knew when my husband installed the toilet, something went wrong 
We called the plumber and he finally discovered a leak in the wall behind the toilet.  Apparently when the trim work was put on, a nail nicked one of the pipes so we had a fine mist spray for a few days.  It ran down my living room walls and the ceiling.  So now we have this hole in our new bathroom walls, four holes in the living room ceiling and we're letting everything dry out before it can all be patched.  I'm beginning to think this bathroom isn't mean to be!!!  The plumber said it was just bad luck to have hit the pipe.  Oh well.........I'm used to holes in my living room ceiling!!! 
And in the middle of all the bathroom work Raleigh hopped in the shower stall and asked me to take a picutre of "how cute she was"!!  Apparently she was quite proud of her head band for that day. 
Reagan, who has been sick all week, finally started feeling better last night.  It seems she had been feeling so badly she hadn't paid attention to my rug hooking.  And we all know she wants to do whatever I do so this was no exception.  Now I have to teach her to rug hook.  She asked if I would teach her maybe when she was ten.  OK with me!  She grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of me and the rug.  Asked me to take it off the frame so she could take a picture.  I love that a six year old is so interested in all the crafts that I do.  It's very exciting to think about what she might one day do with all that knowledge she's stowing away. 
So here's my progress for this week.  Sam is coming along very nicely.  I told Lisa she had created a monster.  Every free second I have I run in and hook on Sam.  I want him done.  And there is most definitely an end in sight.  I just have the blank white squares to fill in now and I can finish him up.

We're supposed to have warm, wonderful weather today so I plan on working outside in the garage, trying to go through some crates and create a place for my car to be again!!!  Enjoy the day...........

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Classes

Finally, some new class projects.  I apologize for not so great pictures, but I ran in and snapped these in between coats of paint in the bathroom.  We're making progress, but it seems never ending!

I'm going to do a quick post of the pictures and dates and times.  I've had lots of calls and emails and right now I just can't get the schedule in the mail.  Will try and get the classes posted on the web site tomorrow.
Bunny & Easter Egg table runner
March 4 - 10am-1pm; March 19 - 10am-1pm; April 4 - 10am-1pm
Cost:  $40.00

Beginning Embroidery
April 12 - 10am-1pm
Cost:  $25.00
Teacup Pincushion
March 16 - 6-8pm; March 19 - 2-4pm
Cost:  $25.00 (includes teacup and vintage linen)
Easter Photo Transfer
March 30 - 6-9pm; April 2 - 10am-1pm
Cost:  $25.00
There is also going to be a Wool Crazy Catch-Up class on March 5 - 10am-2pm.  Cost:  $20.00  This class would be for any of you ladies that have wool crazy projects that you need help with or more applique pieces. 

OK, hope this helps a little and I'll do my best to get everything else caught up this week.

Back to the bathroom...............................

Saturday, February 12, 2011

And they called it puppy love.............

My friend Evette has seven, yes seven, puppies at her house.  They are 4 1/2 weeks old and absolutely adorable.  I took the girls over after school on Friday for a puppy visit. 
Reagan is very afraid of animals and is trying so hard to hold this little puppy.   
Ms. Evette and some of her brood! 
Raleigh, however, has no fear of animals and wants to be a Vet when she grows up.   
Hey, I think I love this little girl.  She was so soft and cuddly and just plain adorable.  I'm afraid my allergies, my son's allergies and Reagan's allergies wouldn't allow us to have a puppy though. 
How can you not love a face like that!!! 
Reagan finally got comfortable enough to actually hold one of the puppies.  She sneezed her head off the entire time too! 
We love you little puppies.  If anyone is looking for a special pet, let me know and I'll hook you up with Ms. Evette.  A couple of the puppies are already going to good homes. 
Here's the progress on my rug.  Not a great picture because his shoes really do show up better than that.  I wish I had more time to hook but slowly it is getting done.  I just added a picture of where I started so I suppose I have made some progress. 

Wool Crazy class at my house this morning so I'd better get busy.  Enjoy the weekend.  Find some time to stitch!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quilting the day away......

Even though Saturday was a sort of dreay, overcast day, the ladies working on their quilts sure brightened things up!!  They made great progress, got their squares all sewn together and the results are beautiful.  I was able to get pictures of a couple of the gals before I had to head off to a meeting, so here's a little show and tell.
Janie is a girl after my own heart with her red, white and blue.  This one would look great in my house!!!  She'd better not leave it unattended! 
Lynn studiously sewing her blocks together. 
Lou shows off her quilt.  Some of the fabrics Lou used in her quilt were over thirty years old.  Does that make the quilt an antique already??!! 
Debby is working on a Christmas quilt.  Can't wait to see hers all put together. 
And right in the middle of things, little Raleigh stayed home sick from school.  She decided to get the "little people" as she calls my carolers, out to play.  She moved these little people all over the place, from the hallway to the bedroom and then to the office.  At one point she asked me to come and look and there was one little caroler in a night gown standing on a little red rocking chair.  All the other carolers were gathered all around the little girl.  I asked if the girl was singing to everyone and Raleigh said no, all the people were singing to her because she was sick, just like Raleigh was.  They were trying to make her feel better.  I thought that was so sweet. 
The layout of a new spring class project.  I've had several ladies asking for something with bunnies and eggs, so hope this works.  I almost have it finished since this picture was taken.  Ooops, my feet got in the photo.  Sorry.

For those of you that attended the Porch Sale last year or followed along on the blog, we have some exciting news coming up about that.  At least I think it's exciting and maybe a little bit scary....................stay tuned...................

Happy stitching..........

Friday, February 4, 2011

The classroom/workroom/studio is all done.  Ready for Saturday's class.  I love, love, love the red paint.  When I was putting it on the walls on Wednesday I was a little unsure..........but now that it's up, furniture is back in place and pictures are hung, I love the richness of the color. 

Still need to get doors on those cabinets.  My husband was going to put them on and I told him it was easier for me to get in and out of the crates without doors, but now I really think I want the doors.  More painting!!! 
I moved my sewing machine to an alcove/corner area and got rid of a big white cabinet that used to be there.  That really helped to open up some space.  And I use my machine so little that it didn't need to be front and center in the room anyway. 
I painted this old cabinet the same color as the tan on one of the walls.  It had peeling paint and even though I love peeling paint, this piece just looked bad.  A fresh coat of paint gave it a new life.  I thought about painting the inside panels of the doors red but I was too tired by the time I got around to painting the cabinet to be that neat.  Maybe later. 
The wool strawberry looks great hanging against the red background. 

Now that this room is done I need to work on my paper room.  It's quite a mess from a class I had last weekend.  Plus it could use a fresh coat of paint.  Just can't get to that right now.  Maybe in the spring.  There's still that in-progress bathroom that has to be dealt with.  Hopefully some work will happen in there this weekend, which would have to come from husband #2 since husband #1 is leaving town again Saturday morning. 

Merry weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes I think I have lost my mind.  My bedroom is home to a toilet, the bathroom is torn apart, my husband is out of town most of this week and next, and I decided to paint my workroom/classroom.  I was sitting at the computer one day last week and thought, hmmmmmmm, those walls look a little scuffed and dirty.  Well, the spot I was looking at did.  So yesterday evening I started sampling colors.............
I just knew I wanted brown on the walls but after sampling, I didn't feel the love.  You can see I went many other directions also. 
Blue is nice but not for this space.   
But there's something about that red that makes my heart go pitter-patter! 
What a mess I've created.  I have totally disassembled the entire room and painted the afternoon away....... 
And now it's red!  There's another big wall I didn't take a picture of that is tan.  Needed a little break from all the red.  Tomorrow will be putting it all back together. 

Needless to say, I haven't done much rug hooking this week.  Too many other projects going on.  At least this one only took a day to finish. 

Maybe the red will inspire all the ladies that come here to stitch somehow..................