Friday, February 4, 2011

The classroom/workroom/studio is all done.  Ready for Saturday's class.  I love, love, love the red paint.  When I was putting it on the walls on Wednesday I was a little unsure..........but now that it's up, furniture is back in place and pictures are hung, I love the richness of the color. 

Still need to get doors on those cabinets.  My husband was going to put them on and I told him it was easier for me to get in and out of the crates without doors, but now I really think I want the doors.  More painting!!! 
I moved my sewing machine to an alcove/corner area and got rid of a big white cabinet that used to be there.  That really helped to open up some space.  And I use my machine so little that it didn't need to be front and center in the room anyway. 
I painted this old cabinet the same color as the tan on one of the walls.  It had peeling paint and even though I love peeling paint, this piece just looked bad.  A fresh coat of paint gave it a new life.  I thought about painting the inside panels of the doors red but I was too tired by the time I got around to painting the cabinet to be that neat.  Maybe later. 
The wool strawberry looks great hanging against the red background. 

Now that this room is done I need to work on my paper room.  It's quite a mess from a class I had last weekend.  Plus it could use a fresh coat of paint.  Just can't get to that right now.  Maybe in the spring.  There's still that in-progress bathroom that has to be dealt with.  Hopefully some work will happen in there this weekend, which would have to come from husband #2 since husband #1 is leaving town again Saturday morning. 

Merry weekend!


  1. Looks good Sharon! Can't wait to see it.

  2. I love the red!! Great pics!


  3. Thanks gals!! It's not quite as bright a red as the pictures show.

  4. Hey Sharon,

    Looks fab-u-lous! Can't wait to see it next Sat. Tricia