Friday, March 30, 2012

Put a Fork in it!

Put a fork in it, I'm done with the office.  Halleujiah!!!  Now I have to finish the bedroom and put the master back together which is where we've stored a ton of the stuff from the two rooms.  All the trim in the hallway still needs to be painted, but that's another day.

I love this little bear.  My neighbor (of 23 years) and friend, Lou made him for me ages ago.  He appears here and there but today I decided he needed to be in my office holding a pincushion.  That's a small picture of my Mom in the background I found while going through stuff.  I have had a couple of crying spells today as I found pictures of her.  I miss her a lot today!

Didn't take pictures of the storage space in the closet which is holding all the true "office" stuff.  I am so thankful to have one room put back together.  Back to work for me.

Hey Sis, two posts in one day, what do you think about that??!!

What a mess..........

So, no time for posting or anything else that might be considered normal this week.  And here's why............
Our master bedroom is loaded with boxes and furniture from two bedrooms.  We are finally having new floors put down in two bedrooms (one of which is my office!) and the hallway.  So everything had to be moved out in order to accomplish this. 
This was the beginning of the moving out phase.  It got worse! 
YAY!!!  No more carpet.  I have allergies that just did not do well with carpet.  I have wanted to get rid of it for years and am so thrilled that we are finally able to do that. 
My handy dandy floor person, Mr. Mark Boyette.  Mark has done lots of work around our house and always does a great job. 
Part of a floor.  Progress is being made.  I can breathe better already. 
One room done and a bed back in place.  Not much else where it needs to go yet. 
Room number two, my office.  This was a big job because of all the paper stuff that had to be moved out. 
The inside of this closet had never been painted so we (I) decided to do it red for a punch of color.  My hubby wasn't too thrilled with the red, but I love RED so he kindly obliged me.  I'm the only one that will ever see that punch since there are doors on the closet but it makes me happy.   
No sewing going on in the old workroom.  Things are scattered everywhere.  Look at my quilt blocks in the background.  They are turning out great!! 
My girl statue is overlooking things, probably thinking she doesn't belong there.  She'll be back in my office before too long. 
My husband and I moved all the furniture back into the office and rearranged last night.  We finally had to quit working around 10pm because I had so many aches and pains, I couldn't lift anything.  Hubby went back to work today to get away from it all, and I'm here to unpack all those boxes.  So I had better get busy.  Just wanted to share my week with you.  Love, love my new floors.  Can't wait to tackle the rest of the rooms!!!!

Have a great weekend and always find a little time to do some stitching!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My husband called and said I needed to put pictures of Lil Bubba (as he calls Joshua) on the blog.  Now my husband doesn't usually make remarks about the blog, but by golly, if he wants to see Joshua, then who am I to deny him of his only grandson?  Joshua will be seven months old in a few days, is sitting up, army crawling, trying to figure out how to make the knees work, drinking from a sippy cup, eating lots of food, clapping hands and I'm sure more since we saw him on Sunday.  It's amazing how much and how quickly they change in that first year.
Somebody is a little bit spoiled by his Poppy! 
A little tickle on the belly........ 
It is uncanny how much Joshua looks like his Daddy in these bath time pictures.  It's a little weird sometimes when I look at Joshua because I can still remember his Daddy at that age.  Like they say, like son....... 
And of course, he has those big eyes like his sisters did. 

There you go Poppy......your Lil Bubba!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've been fussed at for not updating the blog but I have honestly been SEWWWWW busy sewing and teaching classes.  During class this morning one of my students suggested they write the blog for me.  I'm turning this post over to them.....................

We are having a great time here at Sharon's on St. Paddy's Day!  Linda brought us donuts with green icing and mint filling!  (Looks good but I cannot eat as I have "given up" sweets for Lent!*!)  Sharon has on some Irish flute music on and we are enjoying telling Sharon what classes we want her to teach - as we work on our Bird Mat.  But, it is unusual to have the air-conditioner going in March.  Wish you were here to play in the wool with us!!

Deb H.

It evidently "takes a village of stitchers" to help Sharon get her blog out there.  We've had a great morning although this bird/spring mat is a lot more trickey than it looks...all look great and such a different variety of colors.  As always, we love being here with great people and learning something new to boot!  Hopefully, Sharon won't get used to us doing this for her.....

Loosey Stitch

We had a very challenging morning completing our spring mat.  After our efforts we were treated to a wonderful lunch of chicken salad and a great pepper salad and to top it off strawberry shortcake!!  Not only are Sharon's students good stitchers but good cooks! Yum! Now we are moving forward to make our cute quirky bird!!  Let the fun continue!!

Barbara D.
We had piles of wool to work with on our morning mat project.
And more bins of wool to play with!
And wool all around us!!
And some of the wool eventually ended up on our mats!!

What a fun day we had at Sharon's "Loose Stitches" Studio..........but we were all so tired by the end of the day.  But at least we helped Sharon get her blog updated with something new!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Sad......

I just received a call from Gail at Quilts 'n Tiques in downtown Fayetteville.  I've known for awhile that she wanted to sell her building and business but it hadn't happened yet.  Well, she's sold the building and she's ready to clear out her store inventory.  As sad as I am to lose her as part of our quilting community, we also need to support her and help her onto to her next adventure in her life.....retirement. 

Everything in the store is on sale......and for, fixtures......all 45" fabric is $5.00 a yard......all books, patterns and notions are 40% off.  So go when you have the time to take advantage of some great deals and to support Gail and her retirement.

Quilts n' Tiques
122 Anderson Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

We'll miss you Gail!