Monday, June 17, 2013

It's done, stick a fork in it, DONE!!  My husband will be so happy to hear those words.  My new tool shed is finally done, complete with me spending three hours this morning digging up all the grass that was around it and getting new soil down and a few things planted.  I wanted to surprise my husband when he got home this evening to see that it was finished!!!  I love it and know that it will be very useful for me to have all my gardening things in one place. 
I have had the two children's shovels for years and found them in my husband's big shed and decided to hang them on my little shed. 

My good friend Lou gave me this little "tricycle" thinking my grandson might ride it.  I told her heck no, it was going in my garden.  It is adorable.  Lou is moving so I will always think of her when I see the little trike.   
Took a few random pictures around the garden.....things are starting to grow and bloom..... 
I grow yarrow really well!!  Like it just takes over!!!  Sure it has nothing to do with me and my skills. 

Oops, here it is again.....couldn't resist one more picture.  I love it and I think I have gotten my husband in trouble with some of the other husbands whose wives now want a "shed".  Oh well.................. 
Joshua checking out my flowers.   
This is my new favorite picture of Joshua.  I told him to say cheese and he struck this little pose all on his own.  So adorable!  And of course, a popsicle in hand....what do they say.....always have popcicles at Grandma's house.

Hope your day is delightful and maybe make a little time for some stitching!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there in blog land!!  Especially Happy Father's Day to my sweet, sweet husband..................

and my son Paul who is Daddy to our three grandchildren and.........

my wonderful father-in-law who has been like a father to me for many, many years.  Wish we could be with you!! 
and last, but not least.............

our son Eric who is Daddy to two very sweet, adorable doggies, Bailey and Molly. 
So to all you Dads out there, have a super special Father's Day, rest, relax, spend time with your families and take advantage of a little "down" time!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Round Robin

A group of ladies met yesterday to work on their Round Robin mats.  We had previously met to create the bases (18" x 18") and finally got to the fun part of adding some applique designs.  After passing around the table once, we decided to call it a day and meet again in a few weeks, after some of the stitching was complete.  I think they're turning out great and will be beautiful when completed.

Love the squirrel with his big fluffy tail!

Tomorrow a larger group meets to create their bases.  I'm hoping these pictures will give them inspiration and something to look forward to.

It's a rainy, rainy stormy day here in Raleigh.  Lots of tornado watches and warnings, so we're keeping an ear close to the TV for any updates.

Luckily, my husband got the paint on my little tool shed so the wood is protected from all the rain!!!  Maybe one day I'll get to go out and do a little housekeeping.

Hope you find a little time for some stitching!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pinterest is very dangerous........

so says my husband!!  He cringes everytime he sees me with the iPad that he and my sons gifted me with for Mother's Day.  He thinks I just started doing Pinterest when they gave me the iPad.  I told him, unfortunately, it was long before that!!!  I have actually battled the Pinterest excitement for a couple of years now until a couple of months ago someone sent me something to look at and of course, I had to oblige.  That's where the trouble started!!!  I have found so many interesting things and great ideas on Pinterest. 

My most recent "conquest" was a garden shed that was made out of old doors.  I have been wanting a shed for just garden tools and pots.  They seem to end up all over the place and I can never find them when I need them.  Some nice person shared a tool shed they had made on Pinterest and I asked my husband if we could do the same thing since I knew we had taken several doors down in the house over the years.  He tried to tell me we only had two doors, but alas I can count where they were missing from.  I didn't say anything more.  The next day he came to me and said we actually had four doors.  Well, that's just the number we needed!!!   My husband started drawing his plans for building the shed since there was only a photograph on Pinterest and after a $250 trip to Lowe's for wood and supplies, he started the shed.  I thought we would just hinge the doors together, slap on a roof and be done with it!!!  Well, he said if we did that it would blow over in one of our thunderstorms.  I decided the best course of action to take was to just let him do it his way since he was the one building the shed and I really wanted it done. 

We used three of our old doors and Pam from the Rusty Bucket gifted us with the "front door" which has panes of glass to let in a little light.  Also helps it not to look like an outhouse!

My husband works all day and then umpires softball almost every evening so he doesn't have much free time.  But somehow he has managed, within a two week period, to get the shed up and as I type this, he's out there putting on the roof.  The last thing to do will be to paint the three side doors and do a little decorating!!  And maybe some planting..........

I had two pieces from an old red drop leaf table that we used inside for shelves.  I can't wait to start gathering all my tools and pots and give them a new home in the "tool shed". 

I have the best husband ever!!!!  And yes, I'm still troving Pinterest for ideas..........