Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Dance!

I just finished another quilt top.  Feeling a little under the weather the past few days and decided, after I got my computer work done, that I would tackle a quilt project I started last year.  So the blocks are all together and I just sewed the last border on.  YAY!!  Another project checked off the list.  This is a Laurie Simpson design that was in an American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine from a couple of years ago.  Of course it caught my eye because it was red, white & blue!!   
I changed the borders from the pattern and probably ended up taking longer to do them my way than the magazine directions.  Oh well, it's done.  Now off to Laura for her to work some quilting magic!!

Hope you were able to check something off your to-do list today!  Happy stitching........

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilt Show

I just returned from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show held in Hampton, Virginia.  I went up on Wednesday with three friends and had a great time.  We took our time traveling on Wednesday and stopped at a couple of antique shops and quilt shops along the way.  We decided to go the day before the show opened so we would be there first thing in the morning on Thursday and not have to get up at the crack of dawn to travel.
Lou is peeking through the glass saying "Let us in!!".  There was so much eye candy just tempting us but we couldn't yet get to it!!!  The show opened promptly at 10am on Thursday and throngs of quilt crazy women rushed through the doors.  There was so much fabric, tools, gadgets and quilts to see and only so many hours to get it all done!
This is only one block from a quilt that featured a boston terrier in each block.  It was so well done and so funny and interesting at the same time.  Each block also had reference as to what part of history the boston terrier was involved in.
Of course I love redwork and I do believe this was the only redwork quilt I saw.
Just for you "Secret Society of the Hoot Owl" girls!!

Not sure what happened to this photo.  Looks like someone took a bite out of the quilt.  Just my camera doing something weird. 

Took this picture for Mom in Florida.  See, even if we don't have the wonderful Florida oranges, we could make a quilt and have them all the time!
I love spool quilts also.  This was so well done with the use of the striped fabrics and the light and dark combination.
These birdies are only a small part of a very huge quilt.  Thought they were sweet. 
This quilt won best use of threads award I believe.  I have a similar pattern that I have thought about doing.  Talk about a lot of stitching!!!!

Hey Betsy, didn't know if you saw this quilt.  Made me think of you.

Loved the colors in this quilt, of course! 
I loved the dimension in this quilt.  Very interesting and fun. 
I love basket quilts but wow, talk about baskets!!!!!

This was the only wool quilt that I saw.  Very pretty in person. 

A "Dear Jane" quilt that someone actually finished!  Normally I see ladies with lots of little blocks but never put together. 
I spread my stash out to show my husband.  He was most impressed!!  NOT!!  I do believe there is a missing bag with some more things but that hasn't been uncovered yet.  I did bring home a purse project which I have never attempted before using Diawabo fabrics.  The model in the booth stopped me in my tracks but of course, the fabric was no longer available.  So I found something else to play with.  Lots of fabrics to go with other projects I'm gathering for and also new patterns and books for possible future classes. 
The show was a lot of fun and I had great companions for the trip.  On Friday it got more crowded than it was on Thursday but we had pretty much seen everything on Thursday.  Friday we ran around to a few booths to re-look at some things before we left and were sorry we didn't have them.

Now my mind is whirring with new project ideas and I still have other things that need to be done first!!!  Like getting the new class schedule finished and mailed.

Happy Saturday.  Keep those fingers busy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


on a new class schedule for March and April.  I finally finished all three projects yesterday and now have to figure out when to offer the classes.  I have so many classes that repeat each month that there aren't a lot of open dates.  It's sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle sometimes!!
Wool swatches, calendar and legal pad at the ready, trying to make it all work. 
Folded a little more fabric last night.  It's slowly getting done.  Just haven't had much free time to get it completely done, but then my back probably thanks me for that!! 
Don't the shelves look so nice compared to what they did before.  I just love that I can see each and every piece of fabric.  I even started a new project as a result of finding some fabric on the shelves.  Imagine that, another project!!!!  More hexagons! 
Wonder how long it will stay like this?  Forever I hope.  No, actually I hope I can use up some of this fabric rather than letting it hang around on the shelf. 

Happy stitching.............

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Busy Week.....

What a busy but fun week I've had.  Lots and lots of classes, which means lots and lots of fun ladies, lots of projects, lots of stitching and Valentine's Day thrown right in the middle!!
Tricia is caught red handed holding several pieces that the ladies want to have classes in.  She seemed to be the one that everything got passed to and therefore the culprit in my eyes!!  Sorry Tricia............... 
Some of the gals admiring a summer flag piece that they want to do as a class.  I can't seem to get one bunch of classes done before they're planning more..........oh well, it's all good in the end!!  They're just trying to help me and Lord knows, I can sure use that!! 
We had a surprise birthday party for Donna.  Lots of gifts and a pot luck lunch to boot.  Happy Birthday Donna!

Mark's new carved bear now greets everyone at the door when they come in.  I gave him a wool scarf for the cold temperatures. 
Wow, look at Joyce with all the snacks.  These were the snacks we were having before Donna's potluck birthday lunch.  Looks like Joyce found the right seat to sit at!! 
This was a recipe card class.  The ladies needed to to January and February recipe cards before we could stop for lunch.  Whew, work faster!!!!  There was a Monday night recipe class also which made it easier for me to have the supplies out and ready to do the first card.  The hard part was the glitter that was involved.  Looks beautiful on the cards but sure does make a mess.
My husband snapped this picture of me after a long day of classes and work.  I think I could probably have fallen asleep given the chance.  But no, look at that messy fabric in the background.  There is fabric that needs to be folded..........back to work girl!!!! 
I invited the kids over for Valentine's Day dinner.  It was a bit rushed since the girls had basketball practice to get to and their Dad is the coach.  So hurry up and eat and out the door.  Forgot to take a picture of everyone sitting at the table.  Oh well.....I did have a little surprise gift for each person.  They loved that. 
And Tricia dressed Mr. Bear for Valentine's Day.  Isn't he fun. 
Before Stitchery Club got here on Friday morning, I finished putting together my wool girl pieces.  This is a project I started a few years ago with no intention of putting them together as a quilt.  I thought I would frame them individually and use them when appropriate.  Well, my BFF told me they absolutely needed to be in a quilt so I did as instructed.  I actually love it as a quilt and have to say, this picture doesn't quite do the piece justice.  It is very pretty in person. 
The kids came over Friday night while Mom and Dad went out for Valentine's dinner and movie together.  I had to snap this picture of Joshua lining up his trucks.  His Daddy did the exact same thing when he was this age.  I love watching Joshua and remembering so many similar things about is Daddy.  Now if I could just get Eric to have a child or two......................
 What a sweet baby face!!  Wonder what he's thinking?  His pink eye looks so much better.
Busy day on Saturday.  Six ladies planned on being here to work on the white flower mat project.  Well, six ladies showed up plus one extra friend to work on something else.  A room full of ladies and fun and wool. 
Dolly just loves when I take her picture!!!  Oh Sharon, I didn't know you were there with the camera........... 
Everyone is so busy pulling wool and creating when all of a sudden, right in the middle of my class................ 
it started to snow............big beautiful flakes.  Well, that got everyone in a tizzy and the next thing I know everyone is gathering their stuff and heading out the door.  Now you have to understand down here in the south we don't get much snow and when we do, we know it's best to head home or just stay home.  So that's what happened.  Everyone went home.  I made sure they all had their bits and pieces and all their threads and enough to keep them busy just in case we got an inch or two of snow!!  haha 
As the last person left, I snapped this picture of my van.  See it is snowing and it is accumulating a wee little bit.  Don't laugh at us southerners!!!!  We love the snow but we love it from home, all safe and cozy!

Safe travels to everyone.......wish we would get several more inches of snow........happy stitching!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!  There are so many ways to tell the special people in your lives that you love them.  Be sure to share a little love today!!

My husband did something very thoughtful for me today.  I mentioned one day that I liked the group Bread when I was a teenager.  We were talking about some of the songs and thinking of a time past.........I told him you would probably never find a CD for the group these days.

Also the past few weeks I have been baking bread from scratch using a starter a friend shared with me.  Well, I had a bad batch of bread this week that just would not rise for the life of me.  Fast forward to today.....Valentine's Day......  This morning when I went to the kitchen there was a note on the counter from my husband telling me not to turn on the oven because there was "bread" in the oven and I wouldn't have to worry about it rising.  I opened the oven and there, in a bread pan, covered with a towel, rising, was a CD of The Best of Bread songs.  I thought that was so sweet and creative, knowing my escapades with "bread" this week.  So see, it doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. 


Make sure to find a little stitching time after spending time with your special Valentine!!