Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quilt Show

I just returned from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show held in Hampton, Virginia.  I went up on Wednesday with three friends and had a great time.  We took our time traveling on Wednesday and stopped at a couple of antique shops and quilt shops along the way.  We decided to go the day before the show opened so we would be there first thing in the morning on Thursday and not have to get up at the crack of dawn to travel.
Lou is peeking through the glass saying "Let us in!!".  There was so much eye candy just tempting us but we couldn't yet get to it!!!  The show opened promptly at 10am on Thursday and throngs of quilt crazy women rushed through the doors.  There was so much fabric, tools, gadgets and quilts to see and only so many hours to get it all done!
This is only one block from a quilt that featured a boston terrier in each block.  It was so well done and so funny and interesting at the same time.  Each block also had reference as to what part of history the boston terrier was involved in.
Of course I love redwork and I do believe this was the only redwork quilt I saw.
Just for you "Secret Society of the Hoot Owl" girls!!

Not sure what happened to this photo.  Looks like someone took a bite out of the quilt.  Just my camera doing something weird. 

Took this picture for Mom in Florida.  See, even if we don't have the wonderful Florida oranges, we could make a quilt and have them all the time!
I love spool quilts also.  This was so well done with the use of the striped fabrics and the light and dark combination.
These birdies are only a small part of a very huge quilt.  Thought they were sweet. 
This quilt won best use of threads award I believe.  I have a similar pattern that I have thought about doing.  Talk about a lot of stitching!!!!

Hey Betsy, didn't know if you saw this quilt.  Made me think of you.

Loved the colors in this quilt, of course! 
I loved the dimension in this quilt.  Very interesting and fun. 
I love basket quilts but wow, talk about baskets!!!!!

This was the only wool quilt that I saw.  Very pretty in person. 

A "Dear Jane" quilt that someone actually finished!  Normally I see ladies with lots of little blocks but never put together. 
I spread my stash out to show my husband.  He was most impressed!!  NOT!!  I do believe there is a missing bag with some more things but that hasn't been uncovered yet.  I did bring home a purse project which I have never attempted before using Diawabo fabrics.  The model in the booth stopped me in my tracks but of course, the fabric was no longer available.  So I found something else to play with.  Lots of fabrics to go with other projects I'm gathering for and also new patterns and books for possible future classes. 
The show was a lot of fun and I had great companions for the trip.  On Friday it got more crowded than it was on Thursday but we had pretty much seen everything on Thursday.  Friday we ran around to a few booths to re-look at some things before we left and were sorry we didn't have them.

Now my mind is whirring with new project ideas and I still have other things that need to be done first!!!  Like getting the new class schedule finished and mailed.

Happy Saturday.  Keep those fingers busy!

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