Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking out my front door.................that's about as far as I've been in our little snowstorm. It's quite beautiful to look at, the stillness of everything. I'm glad we got some snow finally so all the kiddies can go out and play and make snow angels and snowmen and ride sleds or trash can lids (as the case may be with my granddaughters). I've enjoyed the quiet time indoors with no reason nor way to have to go any place. And while indoors I've been busy as usual, creating, working on kits, stitching a bit and watching a little TV with hubby.
The February kits are ready for classes to begin.................
And almost finished with a new stitchery for the February classes...................
And got inspired to draw up a little something for the March classes...............who knows, maybe this should have been a block of the month.............................
I had to dye some pieces to go with the February recipe cards, so I decided to go ahead and dye some tags while I had the dye mixed up which lead me to dye some linen which turned brown instead of the tan I was hoping. Oh well, I'll need to design something to be brown now.
Made a bowl full of tomato pincushions. My friend Debbie gave me a sweet little tomato when I was there in August and I just got in the mood to make some more and more and more...............this would be a fun little class.
Even stamped and water colored a little trying to figure something out for a March class. Don't worry gals, this isn't going to be the project. This was my tester to see if I liked coloring with reinkers, something we haven't done before.
A little inspiration for the March recipe card. I think it will be fun and springy! Just what we need to get us out of our winter doldrums. I'm ready for the chirping birds again and beautiful spring flowers. Let's enjoy the snow while we have it but look forward to warmer, sunnier days. Happy snow time everyone!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After spending time working on tax stuff this morning, I needed to get away from that and play with wool. I decided to put together some turkey mat kits from a class this past fall. So kits are in progress and will be in the classroom later this week for anyone who is interested in getting a turkey mat done before Thanksgiving! Each one will turn out unique and different based on the wool I put together for the turkey. Can't wait to see them stitched up.
It's Tuesday already. How time flies when you're having fun. I had a test group of ladies on Sunday get together and make the mouse pincushion. Just wanted to see if it was feasible as a class. It took them four hours to get the pincushion done so I think it could be a class but maybe a longer class. They worked hard to get the pincushion complete and stay on task. Thanks for being my test mice ladies!
Look how sweet they turned out. Now they each have a sweet mouse to sit next to their sewing machines!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No blogging, just chicking....................................
Lots of classes this week and not one picture to show except my empty classroom. I kept forgetting to either take the camera or to take the pictures. What a terrible teacher I am!!

Thanks for a fun week anyway ladies! And all your creativity.

Once my class was over this afternoon I decided to make a couple of things to test as possible class projects. Sometimes things work out great but are just not feasible for teaching. That may be the case with this sweet little bunny pattern. I love the finished project but not sure if I can teach him. But he is so sweet and primitive. What do you think gals?
Also made some sweet little chicks this evening. We made a big chick last year and I decided to shrink the pattern which may accompany something else I'm working on for a spring class project. I would love to show you a picture of the chicks but I've been sitting here dinking around with this dumb computer for 20 minutes and the chicks just won't work. So imagine a chick picture here!!!!!!! Sweet little chicks!!!!!! Time for me to go to bed I do believe!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a nice group of ladies that met on Friday evening to create WINTER wool mats. Everyone had a good time and left with some beautiful projects. Unfortunately they will have to get them completed on their own so I won't see the finished mats. I love watching everyone choosing wools and color planning. Most people come in saying they can't do it and are surprised when they do!!! We enjoyed meeting Margie and Sharon, who was visiting from Pennsylvania. They were great fun and Sharon shared stories of her sheep and donkeys back home. What a lot of work she does for her animals. Thanks for a fun time ladies. Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy January! Isn't this a sweet little redwork pincushion celebrating the first month of our new year. I know someone who's having a January birthday and I stitched this up for her. Hope she likes it. Wonder who it is??
Oh my goodness, I have a mouse problem at my house!! Wooly mice that is! I have a pattern that I have wanted to make for a couple of years but never the time. So I finally got the pattern out and made the sweetest mouse sitting on top of a pincushion. Well, I guess I had so much fun I've made a couple more. So my mouse family is growing. I was trying out this pattern to see if it was something I could add to my class schedule this spring and I definitely think I will do that. I'm not a huge fan of mice, but this little fella grows on you. What do you think ladies?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Connie and Bonnie are working hard on their Mr. Snowflake Stitchery projects. I think they made some sort of New Year resolutions about finishing up projects....................
Good friends and they didn't know each other before they started taking classes.
Evette joined our group one afternoon for some stitching time. It's just more fun when you stitch with a group!
Hope everyone has sufficiently recovered from Christmas and the New Year celebrations. I, for one, am glad to be getting back to "normal", whatever state that may be. Classes have started, new creations are being made along with lots of female bonding. So many friendships have been kindled as a result of attending one of the classes. I love when ladies sign up to take a class and in walks someone who they have taken a class with previously. It's like rekindling old friendships. So come and join us for a fun time and you will actually learn something along the way too!!
These gals are working on the Winter Mat. They had fun choosing the wools to use (I think!) and each one was very different once they had the colors picked out.
I'm busy trying to come up with some new class projects for March and April. I have a couple of things in mind but I'm still thinking.........................
The Calendar Girls are in full swing now. Many of you have picked up your January kits. I think this is going to be a fun project for everyone.
Also, I am in the process of creating a new web site along with the help of some good friends. Right now you have to go to to view the new site but eventually it will be One of the most exciting things on the new web site is a calendar feature. I can plug in all the classes for any given month along with times and a description. So you can keep up with classes that way in case you lose your schedule. This is a long overdue project since my old web site hadn't been updated since 2007 because we had a computer crash and I didn't have access to the software any longer. I'm excited about the new site and the flexability it will allow me to keep you updated. Thanks to my friends for all their help!!!!!
Until next time, keep safe and keep stitching!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can't believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly. We say that every year but it seems the older I get the faster it goes!!! My brother and his family were here to celebrate New Years with us and we had a great time. The girls spent the night at our house since their cousin Taylor was visiting from Virginia. They had their own New Year's celebration at 9pm toasting with sparkling cider and horns to toot. They had a blast.
On New Years Day I started taking down Christmas stuff, even though I had told myself I wasn't going to do that until my brother and family went home. It just accidentally mushroomed into taking it all down. It just felt like it needed to be put away. So things are back to normal for the most part now and I'm happy about that.
I just got back the Calendar Girls quilt from Leslie who was quilting it for me. She did a great job and the quilt looks wonderful. I can't wait for everyone to see it in person. Here's a picture of the January and February blocks up close.
Back to being busy. Didn't get enough accomplished over the holidays and trying to squeeze in as much as I can now for the upcoming classes.
Here's to wishing all of you a happy and wonderful New Year.