Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking out my front door.................that's about as far as I've been in our little snowstorm. It's quite beautiful to look at, the stillness of everything. I'm glad we got some snow finally so all the kiddies can go out and play and make snow angels and snowmen and ride sleds or trash can lids (as the case may be with my granddaughters). I've enjoyed the quiet time indoors with no reason nor way to have to go any place. And while indoors I've been busy as usual, creating, working on kits, stitching a bit and watching a little TV with hubby.
The February kits are ready for classes to begin.................
And almost finished with a new stitchery for the February classes...................
And got inspired to draw up a little something for the March classes...............who knows, maybe this should have been a block of the month.............................
I had to dye some pieces to go with the February recipe cards, so I decided to go ahead and dye some tags while I had the dye mixed up which lead me to dye some linen which turned brown instead of the tan I was hoping. Oh well, I'll need to design something to be brown now.
Made a bowl full of tomato pincushions. My friend Debbie gave me a sweet little tomato when I was there in August and I just got in the mood to make some more and more and more...............this would be a fun little class.
Even stamped and water colored a little trying to figure something out for a March class. Don't worry gals, this isn't going to be the project. This was my tester to see if I liked coloring with reinkers, something we haven't done before.
A little inspiration for the March recipe card. I think it will be fun and springy! Just what we need to get us out of our winter doldrums. I'm ready for the chirping birds again and beautiful spring flowers. Let's enjoy the snow while we have it but look forward to warmer, sunnier days. Happy snow time everyone!

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