Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy January! Isn't this a sweet little redwork pincushion celebrating the first month of our new year. I know someone who's having a January birthday and I stitched this up for her. Hope she likes it. Wonder who it is??
Oh my goodness, I have a mouse problem at my house!! Wooly mice that is! I have a pattern that I have wanted to make for a couple of years but never the time. So I finally got the pattern out and made the sweetest mouse sitting on top of a pincushion. Well, I guess I had so much fun I've made a couple more. So my mouse family is growing. I was trying out this pattern to see if it was something I could add to my class schedule this spring and I definitely think I will do that. I'm not a huge fan of mice, but this little fella grows on you. What do you think ladies?


  1. I like the grey one, too cute!
    Jenn L.

  2. Very cute - I like the mouse and I know who that birthday girl is!!!