Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lots of classes this week and not one picture to show except my empty classroom. I kept forgetting to either take the camera or to take the pictures. What a terrible teacher I am!!

Thanks for a fun week anyway ladies! And all your creativity.

Once my class was over this afternoon I decided to make a couple of things to test as possible class projects. Sometimes things work out great but are just not feasible for teaching. That may be the case with this sweet little bunny pattern. I love the finished project but not sure if I can teach him. But he is so sweet and primitive. What do you think gals?
Also made some sweet little chicks this evening. We made a big chick last year and I decided to shrink the pattern which may accompany something else I'm working on for a spring class project. I would love to show you a picture of the chicks but I've been sitting here dinking around with this dumb computer for 20 minutes and the chicks just won't work. So imagine a chick picture here!!!!!!! Sweet little chicks!!!!!! Time for me to go to bed I do believe!!!!!!!!

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