Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today is my day to take Raleigh to school.  My son informed me that today was picture day at school and Raleigh needed a bath. the bath done, hair washed.  Decided I should blow dry her hair since it was picture day.  So we had pretend beauty shop where I dried and brushed her hair.  She really enjoyed that (except for when I accidentally brushed her ear!)  She then decided she wanted only one clip in her hair.  I tried to talk her into two  but she insisted on one clip only.  Pressed her dress, all is good.  Then after she got dressed she decided maybe two clips would be better after all.  So worked on the hair again.  Little girls are so funny to me.  Having raised two boys, we didn't EVER have hair decisions to make.  Well, except for when Eric decided to wear gels in his hair so it would spike up like Vanilla Ice.  Boy, those were the days!!  Well, getting back to Raleigh, I decided to prove that I had her nice and cute for picture day I would take a few pictures to show that her hair was combed and she was adorable.  You never know how they end up looking once they get to school and start being busy.

So here's my proof......ADORABLE and/or darling.  She walked right over to the window in my work room and started looking outside at the rain.  So sweet and innocent.  Hope her school pictures turn out great.

We are finally getting more rain.  Somehow I missed the news for a couple of days and we're getting some tropical depression coming right over where we live.  We could get up to six inches of rain.  Not sure we needed that much all at once but guess we have no choice. 

Enjoy the day.................

Monday, September 27, 2010

Another busy week has come and gone.  Lots of classes, lots of fun with wonderful ladies, and finally, RAIN!!!!  We are so rain deprived and yesterday afternoon we were blessed with some rain showers.  And it rained all night and it's still raining.  So at least for another day or two, wet weather.  That should help our drought conditions.  And our temperatures are in the 80's now so that's a welcome relief also.  Can you tell I'm happy about the RAIN!!!!!
Another finished product by Evette for the porch sale.  She's so talented with the cross stitch on linen and has many wonderful pieces to share with you. 
This is my finished wool crazy block for the fall.  A couple ladies asked me to post another picture.  I have a winter block almost done and also started a huge halloween block which will have to be for next year in progress. 
Debby has finished one of her blocks and has plans to do three more.  All of her blocks are themed around her farm and farm life.  She is so creative and I love what she has done with this block and what I'm seeing on her next block. 
We dumped all my wool scraps onto the floor for the ladies to dig through, hunting for that perfect piece of wool to put on their blocks.  Debby just hopped right in, scissors in hand! 
Teresa is working on a Halloween block.  Love her "spooky" colors.  She has quite a few pieces figured out now to add to the block.  Can't wait to see her progress next month. 
This is the beginning of Debby's second block.  Do you notice the headstones in the bottom right corner?  She's going to put family names on those.  And how about the pig spashing in the mud puddle.  Too fun.  And of course, her John Deere tractor.  Every farm has to have a tractor.   
Pat is working on a winter block.  Lots of snowmen, snowflakes and trees.  We added quite a bit after this picture was taken, so can't wait to see it all stitched down. 
A couple of close-ups of Debby's finished block.  What a lot of time she spent stitching the pole beans and words.  And I love the scarecrow.  And look at the puff of smoke coming out the back of her little truck.  Too sweet. 

The corn stalk turned out great.  And I love all the embroidery she added.  I think that's what really makes these blocks so wonderful is all the elements that are added along the way. 

Evette was busy working on her block also.  She started a Halloween block and it is turning out so cool.  Lots of spooky elements added.  I especially love the hoot owl she added which you can't really see yet.  Wait until it's done............another tease. 
And how about these spooky wool ornaments that Evette is making for the porch sale.  They are wonderful.  So we will have a little Halloween at the porch sale for those of you who were wondering about that.  And lots of Christmas and other things. 

Trying to have a productive morning, working on some porch sale items.  Have washed one old white quilt for some snowmen that I hope to work on today, making some new recipe cards, and also working on a Christmas recipe book for a possible class.  So stay tuned.........things are progressing!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So busy, too busy to blog, lots of pictures, no time to post them.  Sorry.  Here are several wool crazy pictures that have progressed right along.  Lots of fun, inspirational ideas.

These two pictures are the beginning of a snowman wool crazy block.  Can't wait to see these stitched down and applique started.

I've had several Halloween Recipe Book classes and the class gets so busy and involved I forget to take pictures.  So sorry everyone that has been in the class, but here are just a couple of pictures I believe from the first class.  The books have turned out awesome and everyone has really enjoyed the class.  It's a little over the top, but still fun.

I've had one wool dying class.  Again, forgot to take pictures of the ladies dying their wool so Heather was nice enough to pose at the dye pot so I could have one picture.  (notice the pot is empty!!)  Thanks Heather!
This was our dye formula mixing area.  Looks like mad scientists at work!
Now for some "tease" pictures.  I snapped a few pictures when the gals got together for a planning meeting for the porch sale.  Evette brought along a couple things she was working on, in varous stages of completion.  So these pictures are just snippets of a couple things she had started.

And what could these be??  Laura is busy making wonderful quilted oven mitts.  I have already picked out a few that I think will make great Christmas gifts.  They will be in the porch sale.
I was putting together kits for one of my classes recently and decided to just dump out the whole basket of floss to make it easier to find what I was looking for.  The colors were just so inspiring I just had to take a picture.  Oh to be able to use up all that floss......................

We're still in the 90's even though fall is on the calendar.  I think by the weekend we should have some relief (in the 80's) which would be welcome and maybe some rain on Sunday which would be wonderful.  So all you people in the north, we're envious of your cooler temperatures!!!!  Blow some cool air our way please.

For those of you in the area, the porch sale is coming up quickly.  The date is October 23 starting at 10am.  You can contact me if you need directions.

Make sure you do some stitching today...................

Friday, September 17, 2010

We took off Tuesday morning to surprise our youngest son Eric for his 30th birthday.  He had no idea we were going to be heading his way at all.  The plan was that we would be at a restaurant at an appointed time and his wife and friend would bring him to dinner and there we would be.  I talked to Eric from the home phone before we left the house to wish him a happy birthday and to say I wish we could be there to help him celebrate.  He had no clue!!  On the way up the highway I worked on acorns for the upcoming porch sale.  We had a six hour drive so I got quite a few acorns stuffed.  The dash served as a handy holding place as they accumulated.
I didn't get to take a picture of Eric at the restaurant when we surprised him so this is him reenacting the moment.  We were hiding our faces behind menus as he walked to the table, wondering why the hostess was trying to seat him at a table where people were already seated.  He was so totally shocked to see us sitting there.  PRICELESS!!!
Eric opening his gifts and acting shocked and surprised again.  He is so funny with the faces.
Mom, what's this?
And of course, a music playing football card.  I told Eric he might save this for his next fantasy football draft should he win the season since it plays "We Are the Champions".
Happy #30 Eric......
And on the way down the highway I worked on gingerbread men.  They were also filling the dashboard.  At least I got some "work" time in the car.  Mark and I stopped at quite a few antique malls on the way home.  The trip took us almost 11 hours to get home from all the stopping.  Found a couple of treasures along the way.  Bought a beautiful cross-stitched quilt in Maryland.  Not sure what drew me to this quilt but I kept going back to it.  So it came home with me.  Also bought another white tone on tone quilt.  That may be snowmen someday. 

It was nice to get away for a few days and wonderful to see Eric & Kristen (and Chad) and we can't forget Eric's sweet dog Molly.  Now it's back to reality and work and classes, and cleaning and fall decorating.  All good stuff!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Where did the years go?  My sweet little baby boy will be turning 30 tomorrow, September 14.  How could that have happened?  I remember when I turned could I possibly be the mother of a 30 year old?!!  Oh my......I guess we can't make time stand still. 
Eric loves his sweet doggie Molly
Keeping Raleigh company at one of Reagan's T-ball games this summer
Giving Reagan some advice before she goes back to the field....what a good Uncle Eric!!

Wish we could be with you on this special birthday.  We love you bunches......................

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a busy Labor Day weekend I had.  Lots of fun classes ending up on Monday with the Hoot Owl pincushion made from a pattern from my good friend Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs.  The ladies all had a great time making their pincushions.
Evette and Betsy (all the way from New York!) were just beginning to stuff their pincushions.
And Barbara was trying to hide hers under the table for some reason!  It turned out really cute.
And this group of ladies moved to my back porch to finish their owls.  They're looking a little relaxed.  Louise (from northern Virginia)  was here visiting her friend Tricia for the weekend so she took a couple of classes with me.  I think she had a good time here in the sunny south!
Cornie (short for Cornelia) and Teresa also found their way to the porch.  They just looked to relaxed out there.
Cornie was just so happy I could resist another picture of her. 
And here's proud Evette with her hootie owl and new pattern.  She was the first to get finished to she's the only "done" picture I'll share.  This is Evette whose son was in the very serious car accident that I've been asking prayers for her and her family.  So her son is out of the hospital, going to therapies, doing better with a ways to go in his recovery phase.  But as you can see, she was able to come and have fun at a class and relax a bit.  It was good to see her out and about again.
Now these next pictures are just a bit of a tease.  Not sure why I feel it necessary to tease you but I am.  Just some "unfinished" goodies for the upcoming porch sale.  They'll eventually be turned into something.  I don't even know what don't ask!!
Evette brought a few of the things she's working on for the sale also so here are a couple snippets of her projects.  We have been working on cross stitch, embroidery, wool, primitive, vintage, who knows what.  I can't wait to see it all together.  Come one, come all.......................