Monday, September 27, 2010

Another busy week has come and gone.  Lots of classes, lots of fun with wonderful ladies, and finally, RAIN!!!!  We are so rain deprived and yesterday afternoon we were blessed with some rain showers.  And it rained all night and it's still raining.  So at least for another day or two, wet weather.  That should help our drought conditions.  And our temperatures are in the 80's now so that's a welcome relief also.  Can you tell I'm happy about the RAIN!!!!!
Another finished product by Evette for the porch sale.  She's so talented with the cross stitch on linen and has many wonderful pieces to share with you. 
This is my finished wool crazy block for the fall.  A couple ladies asked me to post another picture.  I have a winter block almost done and also started a huge halloween block which will have to be for next year in progress. 
Debby has finished one of her blocks and has plans to do three more.  All of her blocks are themed around her farm and farm life.  She is so creative and I love what she has done with this block and what I'm seeing on her next block. 
We dumped all my wool scraps onto the floor for the ladies to dig through, hunting for that perfect piece of wool to put on their blocks.  Debby just hopped right in, scissors in hand! 
Teresa is working on a Halloween block.  Love her "spooky" colors.  She has quite a few pieces figured out now to add to the block.  Can't wait to see her progress next month. 
This is the beginning of Debby's second block.  Do you notice the headstones in the bottom right corner?  She's going to put family names on those.  And how about the pig spashing in the mud puddle.  Too fun.  And of course, her John Deere tractor.  Every farm has to have a tractor.   
Pat is working on a winter block.  Lots of snowmen, snowflakes and trees.  We added quite a bit after this picture was taken, so can't wait to see it all stitched down. 
A couple of close-ups of Debby's finished block.  What a lot of time she spent stitching the pole beans and words.  And I love the scarecrow.  And look at the puff of smoke coming out the back of her little truck.  Too sweet. 

The corn stalk turned out great.  And I love all the embroidery she added.  I think that's what really makes these blocks so wonderful is all the elements that are added along the way. 

Evette was busy working on her block also.  She started a Halloween block and it is turning out so cool.  Lots of spooky elements added.  I especially love the hoot owl she added which you can't really see yet.  Wait until it's done............another tease. 
And how about these spooky wool ornaments that Evette is making for the porch sale.  They are wonderful.  So we will have a little Halloween at the porch sale for those of you who were wondering about that.  And lots of Christmas and other things. 

Trying to have a productive morning, working on some porch sale items.  Have washed one old white quilt for some snowmen that I hope to work on today, making some new recipe cards, and also working on a Christmas recipe book for a possible class.  So stay tuned.........things are progressing!

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