Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I don't know how many of you know about the wool crazy craze, but here in Raleigh lots of women are making wool crazy blocks.  I had quite a few ladies in the classroom this weekend, working on their blocks.  Some are just starting and some are adding the appliques to the block, which is the MOST FUN!  So this blog is dedicated to my weekend wool crazy ladies.........

Uh-oh.....Sarah has gone wool scrap crazy.  We were pretending like she was sitting in a pile of leaves, wool leaves!

Jennifer is the latest addition to the wool crazy craze.  She got her block all layed out so now she will be caught up with the other groups and can start her appliques.

This was a sweet pincushion Ann was using during class.  Of course I couldn't resist a picture of a pumpkin!!!  I hinted that this would make a great gift for a certain teacher!!!!!!

We're still hot and humid in the south, 99 yesterday and 95 today, with Earl possibly attacking our coast tomorrow.  I just hope that if the hurricane does come to our coast, that we at least get a little rain and relief from the heat. 

All the ladies that are participating in the porch sale are busy creating lots of wonderful treasures.  Hope to see bunches of you in October!

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