Monday, January 30, 2012

Another day of quilting and some beautiful quilts being created.  I took pictures of all but one person as they finished their quilt tops on Saturday.  They are gorgeous!!

Each and everyone started with the same design and how different they all turned out.  Love them all!!!
So you ask what I'm doing lately?  Besides teaching classes I'm working on new projects for spring classes.  Or at least I was supposed to be.  The ladies inspired me with their quilt tops and made me want to do something so I got out the red, white and blue fabrics and started on a house quilt from an older issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  Now do I have time to be working on this?  NO!!   
So I put aside the fabrics and started grabbing wools for a new project.  Piles of wool were all around my workroom.  Just a mess! 
And so far I have this as the base..................... 
But I had to finish up a couple (or three) house blocks.  These are 12 1/2" blocks so a bit larger than the 3" blocks that everyone is doing (including me).  These blocks will eventually have log cabins going around them.   
And more projects I really want to do at some point......I need to quit looking at these magazines and get busy!!
So now I have this much done.....maybe a little quilting time.......then back to work!

Have a fun day and find some time to do a little's good for the soul.

Friday, January 27, 2012

One Winter Wonderland workshop complete and one to go.  Eight wonderful women showed up this morning for a winter workshop ready and willing to take on three new projects.
Here we are making the snowman head make-do.  They turned out quite adorable, even if one of us had to re-do her head because the threads popped open.  Wonder who that was? 

Tricia wants to know how long she has to sit and hold her make-do while the glue dries.....or something else.  She should be careful or her face might freeze that way and you never know when the teacher is going to snap your picture!! 
Now the ladies are working on the adorable snowman that Evette created from someone's pattern that I don't have in front of me at the moment to give that credit but I will next time when she comes back with the patterns.  Tired and rambling.....sorry.  Right now these fellas look like big blobs or ghosts or giant white snowpuffs (whatever that is).  But just wait.... 

Time for lunch.  We decided to take a break from snowmen and enjoy a warm bowl of soup on a very warm day.  I did the snow dance but it just didn't happen.  Instead we started the day with heavy rain and very warm temperatures.  I finally broke down and turned on the AC.  That's one way to bring winter to the room! 

Ooooh Elaine, I see a snowman forming..... 
Well, Elaine lost a needle and Debby is trying to help her find it.  I hope they do because my bare feet have found more than one lost pin or needle!! 
Here it is!!  It was stuck in Elaine's shoe and nicely bent.  That's one way to get out of stitching but not to fear, I have drawers full of needles. 
Now, look at those snowmen.  They turned out adorable.  And once we finished those, we moved on to the black and white silhouette snowman mat.  I, however, didn't take any more pictures because I was just pooped and the ladies were trying to get finished and I just plain forgot.  So shame on me for not having finished pieces to share with you.  But trust me, they did a great job, had a great time, and went home with some new winter treasures.

If any one is interested in participating in the next workshop on February 4, let me know.  I accidentally put one person on that list who was in today's class, so I have an opening.  Sometimes my brain doesn't do or remember what it's supposed to.  Anyway, would love to have you!

Have a super good weekend.  Session two of beginning quilt class here tomorrow so I get the day off from teaching.  Plan on watching the little girls play basketball. 

Find some time to stitch!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012's starting to feel like winter in my wintery workroom!!  One more day before we meet for Winter Wonderland............

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Evette and I are busy preparing for our first Winter Wonderland Workshop to be held this Friday.  It's starting to sparkle in my workroom..........somewhat like glistening snow.........or glitter!!
I hope the ladies that signed up for this workshop are getting excited as well.  We'll make some fun projects, eat some good food and have a few treats in between. 

Now wouldn't it be special if it snowed during the workshop!!  Not likely, but just saying............

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time for another beginning quilt class with Miss Lou.  This was a full class with everyone listening intently as Debbie explains what they will accomplish during class.  If anyone wants to learn how to piece a quilt from beginning to end, let me know and I'll add you to the list for the next set of classes. 
Dolly just zips along on her blocks.  Not so hard is it Dolly?! 
Marty is a pro at this quilting business.  Her blocks are turning out beautifully.
Stitchery Club met here on Friday.  That is such a fun group of ladies and so much gets accomplished during their time together.   
I taught everyone a new stitch this time......a woven rose.  At first they were a little intimidated by the stitch but once they got started, they really enjoyed the process.  We are doing all kinds of stitches and pieces that will eventually end up on a collage.  Very random and a learning project along the way. 
I am taking a Civil War mystery quilt class with Miss Lou and had never laid out all my blocks.  I love them!!!  They are 8" square and there will be 83 blocks in total when we are done.  Can't wait to see them all put together.  This club is challenging but fun and I'm learning lots about quilting and color.

Our weather is about to be topsy turvy the next couple of days.  60 degree one day, not in the 40's the next and 70 the next.  Crazy winter weather in the south.

Sounds like great stitching weather to me.......................

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Guess I can't just say GIRLS anymore since there is a boy now!  I was lucky enough to have a Saturday off from classes to see the girls play in their opening day basketball games.  This is Reagan's third year to play and Raleigh's first year.
Doesn't Raleigh look cute in her uniform!  Turns out she was the leading scorer (only scorer) on her team with four baskets.  YAY Raleigh! 
Reagan is the tallest on her team (second from right) but not by much.  Last year she towered over everyone but looks like a few gals are right there with her this year.  Most are a year or so older but that's ok.  I know how hard it is to be a standout among your peers.  I was always the tallest girl in my class and used to hate that.  Reagan doesn't seem to mind right now.  She scored three or four baskets, depending on who you ask, for her team.  Good job Reagan! 
Baby Joshua watched on as his sisteres played their games.   
What big eyes you have Joshua!! 
While we were in Florida visiting Mom and Dad right after Christmas, they took us to a small town called Christmas.  There was a "village" with several buildings.  I loved the schoolhouse building.  How cool the classrooms used to be.  I love the old desks. 
And just look how neat the teacher's desk is.  I recently purchased a couple of bells which I have teased some of my ladies with saying I was going to ring them in class.  I think I need a larger bell like the one on this teacher's desk!!  That should get their attention!
I haven't been able to have the girls over since Christmas.  So today I had no classes but lots of errands to run.  Dropped by and surprised the girls and asked if they wanted to go with me.  Of course they did!  We ran our errands, did a little dress shopping (they have a  Daddy/Daughter dance soon), had lunch with Poppy and went to the movies to see Chipwrecked (Alvin and the Chipmunks) movie.  And to top off the day, we came home and had a tea party served in fine china.  Love my little girls.

Now to go find a few minutes for some stitching......................

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!  Long time no post.  I've been so busy trying to get the new class models prepared for upcoming classes.  I think this is the latest I've ever sent out schedules but luckily with the aid of the computer, they can get to the recipient pretty quickly!!  Here are pictures with a brief description of some of the classes.  The rest of the classes will be posted on my web site. 
 This elf redwork will be a new Block of the Month.  We'll be doing six different elf designs and hopefully be putting them into a quilt form later on.  I'm envisioning red and white nine patches maybe.  Or it could be something a little more adventurous!

 Had to do something for Valentine's Day!!  This wool heart mat is done in the crazy quilt method with strip piecing the heart and a couple of simple embroidery stitches for embellishing.
 I'm offering a beginning embroidery class again and this is the project you will be taking home for practice if you sign up for this class.

Winter Wonderland Workshop!!! 
First time I've offered a workshop and I think this will be a fun one.  There will be three different projects, two of which will be completed in class, and lots of other fun surprises.  My friend Evette is going to be teaching the jolly snowman and I'll be teaching the make-do and mat.  And we're going to feed you lunch also! 

Several ladies have asked me to repeat the crazy quilt stocking class.  So I'll be offering that again for those of you that want to get a head start on your stockings!
And last but not least, this patriotic snowman will chase the winter blues away! 

I'll be updating the web site later today with dates and times and specifics about each class.  Hope you'll see something you want to come and create. 

If you'd like to receive a full newsletter which tells about all the other clubs and classes, please drop me a note or leave a message on the blog with your email address.

Hope you all find a little time for some stitching on this cold winter day................