Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time for another beginning quilt class with Miss Lou.  This was a full class with everyone listening intently as Debbie explains what they will accomplish during class.  If anyone wants to learn how to piece a quilt from beginning to end, let me know and I'll add you to the list for the next set of classes. 
Dolly just zips along on her blocks.  Not so hard is it Dolly?! 
Marty is a pro at this quilting business.  Her blocks are turning out beautifully.
Stitchery Club met here on Friday.  That is such a fun group of ladies and so much gets accomplished during their time together.   
I taught everyone a new stitch this time......a woven rose.  At first they were a little intimidated by the stitch but once they got started, they really enjoyed the process.  We are doing all kinds of stitches and pieces that will eventually end up on a collage.  Very random and a learning project along the way. 
I am taking a Civil War mystery quilt class with Miss Lou and had never laid out all my blocks.  I love them!!!  They are 8" square and there will be 83 blocks in total when we are done.  Can't wait to see them all put together.  This club is challenging but fun and I'm learning lots about quilting and color.

Our weather is about to be topsy turvy the next couple of days.  60 degree one day, not in the 40's the next and 70 the next.  Crazy winter weather in the south.

Sounds like great stitching weather to me.......................

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