Monday, January 30, 2012

Another day of quilting and some beautiful quilts being created.  I took pictures of all but one person as they finished their quilt tops on Saturday.  They are gorgeous!!

Each and everyone started with the same design and how different they all turned out.  Love them all!!!
So you ask what I'm doing lately?  Besides teaching classes I'm working on new projects for spring classes.  Or at least I was supposed to be.  The ladies inspired me with their quilt tops and made me want to do something so I got out the red, white and blue fabrics and started on a house quilt from an older issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  Now do I have time to be working on this?  NO!!   
So I put aside the fabrics and started grabbing wools for a new project.  Piles of wool were all around my workroom.  Just a mess! 
And so far I have this as the base..................... 
But I had to finish up a couple (or three) house blocks.  These are 12 1/2" blocks so a bit larger than the 3" blocks that everyone is doing (including me).  These blocks will eventually have log cabins going around them.   
And more projects I really want to do at some point......I need to quit looking at these magazines and get busy!!
So now I have this much done.....maybe a little quilting time.......then back to work!

Have a fun day and find some time to do a little's good for the soul.

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