Friday, August 23, 2013

Slow Down Time Please!!!

I cannot believe how fast time is going by.  I took the week off from classes to get caught up on some things at home.  I have been so busy trying to finish up fall class models, getting the fall schedule together and lots of other paperwork type things that needed tending to. 
Also, my sister has been here for a day shy of two weeks working on some orders she received after she arrived for a visit to HELP ME!!!!  So, I have been plugging along doing my thing and she has been plugging along doing her thing and we have managed to stay sisters and share the space and all things are wonderful!!!  Truly, she is such a talented person, it has been fun to watch her creations come to fruition.  I have taken pictures of a few things either in progress or completed.  She has done an amazing job and there are many more that I didn't show pictures of that are equally amazing.  I think the ladies that ordered these pieces are going to love them!!
A progression of Santas all in various stages of paint completion. 
Well, somehow when I took this picture I must have had the video on so there you go, enjoy whatever the show is that is probably me saying something goofy!!

Get your Halloween witchy on..................... 
A very happy HOHOHO! 
Love this sweet little "witch" girl.  Her face is so adorable!
Again, another video.  I wondered what I was doing when the button wouldn't work right.  Oh well, I'm still learning how to use all this technology!!! 
The artist hard at work.  Kathy has worked 12-15 hour days on all her beautiful creations.  Lots of time and patience goes into each piece. 
Hope you all have a great weekend.
I just emailed the new class schedules.  Let me know if I missed you.  Remember, we have switched over to Windows 8 and nothing is the same!!!!
Find a little time to do some stitching.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Stork Has Arrived!!

My husband gave birth to a bouncing, jagged, ugly 4mm stone this morning.  So glad this "baby" finally got here and he can breathe a sigh of relief now.  Thank you all for your good wishes for Mark and his "baby"!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Don't you just love all the beautiful flowers that bloom in the summer time?  I surely do and love looking out my classroom window at the beautiful garden in the back.  All of the flowers in there I planted from seed late spring.  It's hard to believe that such beautiful flowers come from a teeny tiny little seed.  This morning the weather was beautiful and cooler and less humid so I decided to stroll around the yard before class and visit the flowers.  Took a few pics to share with you.  I would have taken more in the front but my next door neighbor was out and then a work truck showed up and then someone was walking their dog and I was in my pajamas so I decided to call it quits and get inside before too many people saw me roaming around the yard!! 

Zinnias are my favorite summer flower.  Remind me of going to my Mammaw's house all those years ago.  She had the most beautiful flower gardens, all planted from seeds. 

There sits that sweet little potting shed in the distance.   
A side view of the potting shed.  I still love it so much.  And so do the ladies that come to the house for classes.  Hubby did such a great job!!   
My husband planted pumpkin seeds awhile back and now they're starting to flower.  I hope we at least get a wheel barrow full of pumpkins for my front porch!!! 
Red zinnias this time.  This was a different variety.   

As well as teaching lots of classes, I have been working on some new fall projects.  Here are a few snippits since none of them are completely finished.  I'm doing some wool and some fabric projects this time for September and October. 

This is part of the Halloween tree that several of the ladies have already met and started creating.  I still have a couple of groups to meet to put down their trees so not too late to join in the fun!
I hope you're all finding time to do a little stitching and enjoying the last full month of summer.  Hard to believe how quickly it is going by.  And we have been blessed with no 100 degree days so far!!!  YAY!!!!  I am longing for fall..................