Monday, October 25, 2010


It's time for new classes for November and December.  I apologize but I'm a little late getting this to everyone.  I won't be mailing a paper schedule this time so please check the web site calendar for dates and times of classes.
Poinsettia pincushion in vintage jello mold - You will finish this project in class.  Cost:  $25.00

Christmas Ornaments - You will receive a kit to make the six ornaments and get a head start on your ornaments in class.  Cost:  $25.00 
Santa Recipe Book - I apologize that the pictures are sideways.  They don't start out that way when I download them and from one place to another they turn sideways.  I'm just too tired to keep trying to figure it out!!!  So please tilt your heads to the left and enjoy the photos.  We did a Halloween Recipe Book in the fall and so only appropriate that we do a Christmas book.  Lots more pages than I have shown here, full of whimsey.  The gals that took the Halloween book had a fun time and I think you will with this one too.  Cost:  $35.00 
Also, due to space limitations, this class will only be offered at my house.

You can shoot me an email or give me a call if you want to sign up for any of the classes.  A couple of dates are already full and you will see those on the calendar section of the web site. 
Hope to see you along the way. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well, the porch sale has come and gone.  We all had a wonderful, hectic time and want to thank each and everyone of you who came by.  It was so good to visit with you all and see some faces we hadn't seen for awhile.  I have loaded as many pictures as I thought I could get away with of the before porch sale started and once people started showing up.  At a point it got so busy I had to help write sales tickets and never got to take anymore pictures.  So enjoy and maybe we'll see you next year!!  We've already set the dates and will be posting those later on once we make sure that we have no conflicts.  We are going to add another day to the sale which I think will be helpful.  Thanks again for supporting our "crafty" endeavors!!

Heather and Debbie made the "S" pumpkin for my porch sale.  Thanks so much.  Doesn't it look great in my wheel barrow, greeting everyone as they walk past! 
We even had "treats" for the doggies........ 

OK, who wouldn't fall in love with a face like that!!  Jennifer made a few elves and obviously didn't make enough for as quick as they got grabbed up!!  Was any of that proper grammar?? 

We had lots of yummy treats for everyone to sample. 

The gang's all here....Tess, Sharon, Heather, Evette, Jennifer and Jan......Thanks for all your hard work my friends!! 

Everyone is patiently waiting for us to let them on the porch 
We handed out numbers for everyone to put in a basket for door prizes.....Dolly is the proud first customer! 
It got a little crowded on the back porch but everyone seemed to be managing 
Here's our first customer checking out......... 
And here she is back in line again!!! 
Loved seeing Priscilla and Harold.....thanks for coming so far!  And speaking of far, we had one customer from San Antonio, TX and one from Orlando, FL. 
Linda was just so darned happy to be at the sale.....what a sweet smile!

I have lots more pictures but I think you get the gist of what we were up to.  I almost forgot.....the winner of the candy corn jar is Barbara Johnson.  She had the closest guess.  And for all of those wondering just how many little candy corns were in that jar, it was 717!!  My husband and I counted each and every one of those little corns!!!

And our door prize winners are:
Kim Skelding
Linda Pennypacker
Nancy Grant
Sue Manley
Carol Pridgen

Thanks again for all your support!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh my gosh!!!!  That's all I can say.  My house has been taken over by "STUFF"!!  The gals have been dropping stuff off and it's everywhere.  For those of you that have been to my house before, you've never seen it like this.  Lots of fun goodies and still more to come.  Can't wait to start delving into all the bags and boxes and getting it all out.  It's almost here.......................

I know these aren't great pictures.  Just couldn't resist giving you a peek at what my house looks like.  Wait till we get it all out and displayed.  What fun.  Looking forward to seeing you all.


Well, now I'm feeling even older.  My oldest son Paul turns 32 today.  That's the age I was when we moved to North Carolina all those many years ago.  Wow, where does the time go.  Paul has grown into a wonderful YOUNG man, a doting father, a giving soul.  We're very proud of him and wish him the happiest birthday. 

Always a hug and a kiss for his girls...... 

Paul had the pleasure of coaching Reagan's T-ball team this summer.  What fun that was.  Brought back memories of when he and his brother started playing baseball.  Those little girls were pretty tough!

Hope your day is a special one Paul.  We love you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Have I mentioned how excited I am that fall is finally here.  We have waited so long for the cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors.  Well, we still don't have changing trees much but there are other beautiful fall colors.  Evette and I took a little trip to North Raleigh Saturday and look what we found.  Beautiful mums and pumpkins and fun stuff!

We visited a shop called SuzAnna's Antiques and had a wonderful time going through all the booths.  You definitely need to take a drive to visit this great place!  You can visit Jenny's blog here

Meet Jenny, one of the owners of SuzaAnna's.  What a vivacious personality she has.  She will definitely make your visit an enjoyable one!  Look at those gorgeous vintage tablecloths hanging behind her.  Eye candy! 
This great fall display is right at the entrance to the market.  Looks like it should be a wool picture or a stitchery someday!  Forgot to mention, they're located on Durant Road right off Capital Blvd. 
Evette brought over a little show and tell the other night.  She has been working on sachets and they are just gorgeous.  I want the whole bowl full.  I know she will have these in limited quantities at the porch sale.  And speaking of SuzAnna's, she bought all those vintage buttons while she was there.  They worked out great on the sachets.  Meant to be..... 
Things are moving along great for the porch sale.  We're all trying to finish things up, add some tags, bake some goodies........should be a fun time.  Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Enjoy the beautiful day!