Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, we were supposed to be in Florida this week but our trip got canceled.  My mother-in-law is having some health issues and just didn't feel like having guests right now.  So we fully understood that and want her to get better and decided that since we were home for the week, we would work around the house.  Mark took on painting the porch, which it sorely needed, and just in time for the porch sale!!  I had hoped to get lots done on various projects I was working on for the porch sale, but that hasn't happened as much as I had hoped. 
I did, however, work on a new project for a Christmas recipe book.  Here are bits and pieces on my work table, trying to find a way into the book.  I did finish the book and I absolutely love it.  I hope you all will too! 
And on Sunday my daughter-in-law told us Reagan had outgrown all of her clothes.  She literally had a couple pair of pants and shirts and that was it.  So on Monday I called and asked if I could take Reagan on a shopping trip.  Her little sister was in school so it was perfect timing for Reagan and I to spend some time together.  We had the best time and came home with a couple bags of clothes.  She asked if she could have a fashion show at my house to show her Mommy, Daddy and Poppy her new clothes.  She was so proud and excited about everything we purchased.  So we planned dinner for everyone and after dinner the fashion show commenced.  The following pictures are Reagan modeling her new outfits.  My husband was taking some of the pictures and some of them didn't turn out but I just had to share since she was so excited. 

She had a story to go with each outfit which I had to tell when I announced her coming into the room.  We had great fun.  Reagan is six years old and the size of a twelve year old.  She is going to be a jolly green giant 6' tall by the time she's done growing.  At least that's what is projected for her and her sister.  Her Daddy is 6'5" tall and her Mommy is 5'10" so that's a good possibility. 

I have more pictures to share from a trip to the pumpkin patch and also a hoot owl class that was great fun.  I'll try and get that done tomorrow. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious fall weather.  I just wish we could have had some of this gorgeous fall weather in September also.  Guess we can't be greedy!! 

Everyone is busy working on creations for the porch sale.  Things are starting to pile up.  Hope you're all as excited as we are about the sale.  Can't wait too see all the goodies!!

Enjoy the weekend....................


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! Let me guess, her favorite color is purple??? Thanks for sharing this fashion show.

  2. What are we all on at the same time?? Love the fashion show also, she is just looking too grown up for 6. We went out today looking for pants for Alice, she is a hard one to fit - not like bean pole Natalie.

  3. A STAR is born!! Too cute!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments. Sharon