Sunday, October 10, 2010

HOOT HOOT........

I was supposed to have a Hoot Owl Pincushion class a week ago but we had a tropical storm blow through and I decided in the interest of safety to reschedule the class to the following week.  Luckily everyone could make the class and we had a great time.  I remembered my camera and walked around the room taking pictures when I realized that in each picture the ladies were all looking down working on their hoot owls. 
 Jennifer, always happy
 Ev (short for Evelyn)...her first class
 Sue who could pump out fifty of these in no time!
 Diligent Pam
 Intense Laura
 Serious Carolyn
 And ta-da....all done with the first little hootie
 Dutiful Dolly
 See how happy everyone can be when they finish their projects
 Love the eyes on both these little guys, Dolly's looks sleepy just like she was (after getting up at 4:30am!) and still coming to a late class!
And Jennifer was so proud of her owl she posed again with Ev (just kidding Jennifer!)

I think we have this class a couple more times if anyone wants to jump in.  It was great fun!  Thanks to Debbie Busby for such a sweet pattern.

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