Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday is my day to have Raleigh all day.  She showed up at my house bright and early in a cute purple dress but before I knew it WONDER WOMAN had appeared.  She made a quick costume change and the next thing I knew WONDER WOMAN was darting around my kitchen.  And once she had her Donald Duck orange juice, she became even faster, maybe even keeping up with Superman.  Raleigh just tickles me to death all the time.  You never know what she might say or do or become.  I'm always telling my son when he calls "let me tell you what Raleigh said today".  Just a fun, fun child. 

Later in the morning it was time for ballet classes and WONDER WOMAN did a quick change and became a ballerina for the rest of the day!
Oh, to be four again.....................

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