Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We had a short reprieve from the summer weather last week and decided to take the girls to Hill Ridge Farms.  We took them there two times last year and they couldn't wait to go back this year.  The day we chose to go was blustery and in the lower 70's.  Beautiful but definitely blustery.  But we didn't mind if it got us away from the heat we've been suffering with for so long.

 Raleigh decides to bury her sister in popcorn kernels.
 Raleigh and Reagan both came down the big slide head first.  Raleigh especially loved coming down this way or backwards or upside down..........
Nothing like a bed of corn kernels 
Six year old Reagan 
Four year old Raleigh 
This flag showed how blustery the day was....isn't it beautiful! 
Poppy wanted to prove he was there to enjoy the fun 

The goats just cracked me up....check out the horns.  I think these were the elder statesmen goats! 

So the black goat and the sheep had been nudging and eyeballing each other all day.  Everytime we would walk buy them, the black goat was trying to horn butt the sheep.  This time he dropped his head and came up covered in straw.  It was so funny.  Maybe you had to be there!!! 

Riding the rails 

Awwww................finally we went on the hayride to pick out our pumpkins.  The girls searched up and down the field for the exact pumpkins they were looking for....Reagan wanted the largest and Raleigh wanted the smallest.  Reagan found hers pretty quickly but poor Raleigh ran all over the place until she found the perfect little pumpkin. 
HAPPY FALL DAYS..............go
visit a pumpkin patch for great fun!

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