Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day to everyone.  I guess in the olden days women were allowed to propose on Leap Day.  Poor guys.  And leap year comes but every four years, so I suppose we should all do something special to celebrate this day.

Yesterday, February 28, was my 55th birthday and I survived.  Everyone always wants to know if I was born on Leap Year since my birthday is the last day of the month.  I was not.  Had a great day which I spent with three friends on a little road trip.  My husband can hardly contain the fact that I'm now an "official senior citizen" and did I ask for my senior citizen discount while I was out yesterday.  I told him I absolutely did not, that it was too new a title and I would have to slowly delve into the senior citizen role.  So there!

Hope you're having a great week, locally we're preparing for some thunderstorms later, 70 degree temps delightful, find some time to do a little stitching.............

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creative Women

Meet Debby Hodges.  She comes to my house for classes all the way from Greenville on a pretty regular basis.  During this class she was starting her fourth, yes fourth, wool crazy block.  I have posted pictures of Debby's blocks along the way but what follows are three of the blocks completed.  She couldn't wait to start her fourth block so she could put it all together.  What is so awesome about Debby's blocks is that they chronicle the history of life on her family's farm.  She even has a cemetary in one of the blocks.  As I've watched her pieces come together and the excitement in her voice each time she explains the various parts of a soon to be block, it is inspiration to me and I hope to others, to want to create and achieve such wonderful heirlooms for our families.  During Debby's last visit, as she started her last block, I decided I was going to do a block around my Mammaw's house.  I got just as excited as Debby when I started remembering those summer trips to her house and the surrounding gardens, the smokehouse, the outhouse, the hen house, all those chickens.  So guess what is swirling around in my brain these days.  Planning..........  What fun thing could you create surrounding your family?  Thanks for being so inspiring Debby.  And a big, fat, special thank you to Jo Ann Mullaly for getting us all started on the wool crazy journey.  She put such a fun, creative book together that got us started, but also made us think beyond the pages of the book.  She's a super talented person and I can't wait to see what comes next from her.  Thanks for the inspiration Jo Ann!
Everyone loves the puff of purple smoke from Debby's truck.
I remember when Debby was working on the horse and buggy.  LOVE it!!
This was the block with the cemetary.....Rest in Peace.  Also represented....golden leaf tobacco and the tobacco barn to house the tobacco leaves.  Just so much fun.
Just one more block to fill that hole Debby.  I know you're working hard on this.  Can't wait to see it all together.
Here's another creative lady, Evette, finishing up, FINALLY, a project she started a year or so ago.  She's putting the finishing touches on the top and then she will be able to add her borders.  Can't wait to see this one completed and hanging on her wall.  I know she'll be super excited to get this done.  This was a BOM that Evette participated in.  The pattern was a Maggie Bonanomi design, another talented lady in the industry.  She does wonderfully primitive designs.
All we need now are the borders.
I took a little time for myself on Sunday (yes, a week ago) and worked on my Civil War quilt blocks.  I now have eight more blocks to add to my ever growing pile.  I will have to count them but I think I have forty-something now.  Maybe halfway done.  I tried to use some brighter fabrics this time to lighten things up. 

I hope these pictures will inspire you to get busy and work on something fun.  I think stitching is a wonderful way to not only bring joy to our daily lives, but to hopefully bring joy and remembrance to our families once we are gone. 

Today is my Mom's birthday so maybe that's why I'm being a little melancholy about leaving "treasures" for our families to hold onto once we're no longer here.  I think that's important.  Heaven knows my boys will have lots (probably too much) to remember from me.  That's ok.

So enjoy the day and find some time to do a little stitching.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


on a new class schedule!
And yes, the big bowl of M&M's helps me figure it all out!!!!
Stay tuned.....................

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  Hope you get some sweets from your sweet! 
We did a class in which we were making a heart mat (in time for Valentine's Day).  Once the ladies got their hearts pieced I had them wear the hearts for a Valentine photo.  Aren't they beautiful!  Love your heart Betsy!
Pat, I think this is a fashion statement.......... 
Marty's heart matches her outfit! 
Now, back to work and get those mat's finished in time for Valentine decorating! 
When I walked into the kitchen this morning, my sweet husband had left me a card surrounded by a dark chocolate kiss heart.  That was so sweet.  Sometimes it's the little things...................Love you Markie!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This has been such a busy week.  I have taught classes just about every day.  And didn't always remember to either have the camera or to take it out and take pictures.  So here are a few piectures from the week's classes of several ladies have a good time playing in wool.  The predominant class this week was the wool crazy stocking.  Everyone is trying to get a head start for Christmas!!  Several ladies are working on number two or three stockings.  Good for them!!  One person said she needed to make eight!!  Better get busy.
Elaine was truly playing in the wool.  Peek-a-boo! 
Sandra got her base done and moved on to working on applique pieces.  That's the fun part. 
I think Elaine has too many choices!! 
We get to play in all this fun wool.  I took crates and crates of wool for this nice group of ladies to work with.  They came down from Lake Gaston which is on the border of NC and Virginia.   
At one point I dumped out a bin of scraps and it stayed in a perfect square shape.  I guess I really had them packed in there. 
Oooh, I think I like it!! 
Debbie didn't think I would take her picture riding around on her husband's scooter.  But I did.  Isn't she cute perched on the scooter.   
And more ladies working on more wool stockings.  This class was in Henderson at Miss Lou's Quilting Studio.  Except we were in Debbie's house because she had to use the classroom.  Look, we'll have class wherever we can!! 
Now down to the applique pieces.   
Donna was busy tracing shapes so she could match up wool to take with her to work on.  The ladies left with lots of homework and we'll meet again in a month or so to see where everyone is with their projects.

I had a wool dying class yesterday and never even thought of taking out the camera.  Needless to say, the ladies dyed lots of beautiful wool and I think they may get hooked on the dying process.  After they left, I continued to dye quite a few yards of wool.  After doing all the wool classes, my coffers are getting bare.  So time to plump them up with some beautiful spring colors.

Hope your weekend is restful and you find some time to stitch a little.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well, it may not seem like winter this year, but we pretended like it was frightful outside while we had our last Winter Wonderland Workshop.  See the snowflakes the windows are open!!
Our first project was the snowmand head make-do.  They all turned out adorable. 
Still missing a nose, but looking good Jeannie.   
Teresa was a very studious student....... 
Oopsy, Donna got so excited she fell out of her chair!!  And of course I ran for the camera after I tried to save her......why miss a good shot....she's already down there.......well........and I did help her up!! 
hmmmmmmm says Linda.  How do you tie this ribbon?   
Jill is working on project number two for the day....the large stuffed snowman.   
Finally, lunchtime and a break!!  I think they're looking at me with rather fake smiles....I think they want me to leave them alone so they can eat.....but I forgot to take pictures of the last workshop at lunch......why that is important I'm not sure but I was instructed to do that this time......SMILE!! 
Look, Donna's snowman is turning out great and she's in her chair.  Whoo hoo!!! 
Looking like a snowman 
And another snowman..... 
Ta-da.....a shiny glittery winter fellow.......still a little bit of winter left to decorate with. 
Now, onto the wool mat.....whew, this one was a little harder than the ladies thought.  But they got through the hard part and now they have a little homework to do. 
I called in Mark to do the drawing for the grand prize giveaway........shake it up.......who could it be...... 
Debby Sims, you're the big winner.  Congratulations!!!  And I won't tell you that the ladies wanted Mark to throw your name back in and draw again!!!  Just kidding.......not really! 
Remember the little houses that everyone is doing?  Me included?  Well, I'm behind because of other things that I have to do but look at my friend Lynn's houses.  She has done one for each day of the month and they are beautiful.  Maybe one day I'll get back on the bandwagon.  Congrats on getting caught up Lynn!!!

Thanks to all the ladies that participated in our Winter Wonderland Workshop.  We truly appreciate each and everyone of you and hope you had a good time.  We sure did.  Let's see what we can cook up for the summer schedule...................

Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy some stitching time.