Sunday, February 12, 2012

This has been such a busy week.  I have taught classes just about every day.  And didn't always remember to either have the camera or to take it out and take pictures.  So here are a few piectures from the week's classes of several ladies have a good time playing in wool.  The predominant class this week was the wool crazy stocking.  Everyone is trying to get a head start for Christmas!!  Several ladies are working on number two or three stockings.  Good for them!!  One person said she needed to make eight!!  Better get busy.
Elaine was truly playing in the wool.  Peek-a-boo! 
Sandra got her base done and moved on to working on applique pieces.  That's the fun part. 
I think Elaine has too many choices!! 
We get to play in all this fun wool.  I took crates and crates of wool for this nice group of ladies to work with.  They came down from Lake Gaston which is on the border of NC and Virginia.   
At one point I dumped out a bin of scraps and it stayed in a perfect square shape.  I guess I really had them packed in there. 
Oooh, I think I like it!! 
Debbie didn't think I would take her picture riding around on her husband's scooter.  But I did.  Isn't she cute perched on the scooter.   
And more ladies working on more wool stockings.  This class was in Henderson at Miss Lou's Quilting Studio.  Except we were in Debbie's house because she had to use the classroom.  Look, we'll have class wherever we can!! 
Now down to the applique pieces.   
Donna was busy tracing shapes so she could match up wool to take with her to work on.  The ladies left with lots of homework and we'll meet again in a month or so to see where everyone is with their projects.

I had a wool dying class yesterday and never even thought of taking out the camera.  Needless to say, the ladies dyed lots of beautiful wool and I think they may get hooked on the dying process.  After they left, I continued to dye quite a few yards of wool.  After doing all the wool classes, my coffers are getting bare.  So time to plump them up with some beautiful spring colors.

Hope your weekend is restful and you find some time to stitch a little.


  1. Did you get a chance to re-dye the gray piece? I love the way the wool we dyed turned out! I love the pastels!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I need to move to Raleigh!