Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well, it may not seem like winter this year, but we pretended like it was frightful outside while we had our last Winter Wonderland Workshop.  See the snowflakes the windows are open!!
Our first project was the snowmand head make-do.  They all turned out adorable. 
Still missing a nose, but looking good Jeannie.   
Teresa was a very studious student....... 
Oopsy, Donna got so excited she fell out of her chair!!  And of course I ran for the camera after I tried to save her......why miss a good shot....she's already down there.......well........and I did help her up!! 
hmmmmmmm says Linda.  How do you tie this ribbon?   
Jill is working on project number two for the day....the large stuffed snowman.   
Finally, lunchtime and a break!!  I think they're looking at me with rather fake smiles....I think they want me to leave them alone so they can eat.....but I forgot to take pictures of the last workshop at lunch......why that is important I'm not sure but I was instructed to do that this time......SMILE!! 
Look, Donna's snowman is turning out great and she's in her chair.  Whoo hoo!!! 
Looking like a snowman 
And another snowman..... 
Ta-da.....a shiny glittery winter fellow.......still a little bit of winter left to decorate with. 
Now, onto the wool mat.....whew, this one was a little harder than the ladies thought.  But they got through the hard part and now they have a little homework to do. 
I called in Mark to do the drawing for the grand prize giveaway........shake it up.......who could it be...... 
Debby Sims, you're the big winner.  Congratulations!!!  And I won't tell you that the ladies wanted Mark to throw your name back in and draw again!!!  Just kidding.......not really! 
Remember the little houses that everyone is doing?  Me included?  Well, I'm behind because of other things that I have to do but look at my friend Lynn's houses.  She has done one for each day of the month and they are beautiful.  Maybe one day I'll get back on the bandwagon.  Congrats on getting caught up Lynn!!!

Thanks to all the ladies that participated in our Winter Wonderland Workshop.  We truly appreciate each and everyone of you and hope you had a good time.  We sure did.  Let's see what we can cook up for the summer schedule...................

Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy some stitching time.


  1. Looks like everyone had a GREAT time making their snowmen - what a fun gathering! And I'm so impressed with all your little house blocks. I haven't made a single one yet! (sniff)

  2. It was really a nice day. First time I'd been out of the house in over a week. What a fun class. Thank you so much Sharon and Yvette!
    Take care,

  3. Glad you left the snowflakes up for us on Sunday! Everything felt very festive and I still think we deserve one snow this winter!

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