Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today is my day to take Raleigh to school.  My son informed me that today was picture day at school and Raleigh needed a bath. the bath done, hair washed.  Decided I should blow dry her hair since it was picture day.  So we had pretend beauty shop where I dried and brushed her hair.  She really enjoyed that (except for when I accidentally brushed her ear!)  She then decided she wanted only one clip in her hair.  I tried to talk her into two  but she insisted on one clip only.  Pressed her dress, all is good.  Then after she got dressed she decided maybe two clips would be better after all.  So worked on the hair again.  Little girls are so funny to me.  Having raised two boys, we didn't EVER have hair decisions to make.  Well, except for when Eric decided to wear gels in his hair so it would spike up like Vanilla Ice.  Boy, those were the days!!  Well, getting back to Raleigh, I decided to prove that I had her nice and cute for picture day I would take a few pictures to show that her hair was combed and she was adorable.  You never know how they end up looking once they get to school and start being busy.

So here's my proof......ADORABLE and/or darling.  She walked right over to the window in my work room and started looking outside at the rain.  So sweet and innocent.  Hope her school pictures turn out great.

We are finally getting more rain.  Somehow I missed the news for a couple of days and we're getting some tropical depression coming right over where we live.  We could get up to six inches of rain.  Not sure we needed that much all at once but guess we have no choice. 

Enjoy the day.................


  1. Raleigh looks so cute! By-the-way, Greenville has been getting rain since late Sunday with just a little let-up! School in Pitt County is closed today! And you know how we were begging for rain when I was at your house on Sunday!

    Wish granted!!!

  2. She's a knock out or she's pretty as Seth said. =o)