Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So busy, too busy to blog, lots of pictures, no time to post them.  Sorry.  Here are several wool crazy pictures that have progressed right along.  Lots of fun, inspirational ideas.

These two pictures are the beginning of a snowman wool crazy block.  Can't wait to see these stitched down and applique started.

I've had several Halloween Recipe Book classes and the class gets so busy and involved I forget to take pictures.  So sorry everyone that has been in the class, but here are just a couple of pictures I believe from the first class.  The books have turned out awesome and everyone has really enjoyed the class.  It's a little over the top, but still fun.

I've had one wool dying class.  Again, forgot to take pictures of the ladies dying their wool so Heather was nice enough to pose at the dye pot so I could have one picture.  (notice the pot is empty!!)  Thanks Heather!
This was our dye formula mixing area.  Looks like mad scientists at work!
Now for some "tease" pictures.  I snapped a few pictures when the gals got together for a planning meeting for the porch sale.  Evette brought along a couple things she was working on, in varous stages of completion.  So these pictures are just snippets of a couple things she had started.

And what could these be??  Laura is busy making wonderful quilted oven mitts.  I have already picked out a few that I think will make great Christmas gifts.  They will be in the porch sale.
I was putting together kits for one of my classes recently and decided to just dump out the whole basket of floss to make it easier to find what I was looking for.  The colors were just so inspiring I just had to take a picture.  Oh to be able to use up all that floss......................

We're still in the 90's even though fall is on the calendar.  I think by the weekend we should have some relief (in the 80's) which would be welcome and maybe some rain on Sunday which would be wonderful.  So all you people in the north, we're envious of your cooler temperatures!!!!  Blow some cool air our way please.

For those of you in the area, the porch sale is coming up quickly.  The date is October 23 starting at 10am.  You can contact me if you need directions.

Make sure you do some stitching today...................

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