Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a busy Labor Day weekend I had.  Lots of fun classes ending up on Monday with the Hoot Owl pincushion made from a pattern from my good friend Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs.  The ladies all had a great time making their pincushions.
Evette and Betsy (all the way from New York!) were just beginning to stuff their pincushions.
And Barbara was trying to hide hers under the table for some reason!  It turned out really cute.
And this group of ladies moved to my back porch to finish their owls.  They're looking a little relaxed.  Louise (from northern Virginia)  was here visiting her friend Tricia for the weekend so she took a couple of classes with me.  I think she had a good time here in the sunny south!
Cornie (short for Cornelia) and Teresa also found their way to the porch.  They just looked to relaxed out there.
Cornie was just so happy I could resist another picture of her. 
And here's proud Evette with her hootie owl and new pattern.  She was the first to get finished to she's the only "done" picture I'll share.  This is Evette whose son was in the very serious car accident that I've been asking prayers for her and her family.  So her son is out of the hospital, going to therapies, doing better with a ways to go in his recovery phase.  But as you can see, she was able to come and have fun at a class and relax a bit.  It was good to see her out and about again.
Now these next pictures are just a bit of a tease.  Not sure why I feel it necessary to tease you but I am.  Just some "unfinished" goodies for the upcoming porch sale.  They'll eventually be turned into something.  I don't even know what don't ask!!
Evette brought a few of the things she's working on for the sale also so here are a couple snippets of her projects.  We have been working on cross stitch, embroidery, wool, primitive, vintage, who knows what.  I can't wait to see it all together.  Come one, come all.......................

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  1. Please tell Evette I'm sorry to hear about her son and pray he has a fast recovery. When did this happen?

    Jenn L.