Saturday, September 4, 2010

Raleigh had her first ballet/tap class on Thursday.  She was so adorable and so excited to start her new dance class.  She was a little timid at first about going into the classroom.  I walked her to the door, she sat down right in front of the instructor and said "This is my first time."  I thought I had never seen or heard anything sweeter.  We may have a budding ballerina!
Today was the first Halloween Recipe Book class.  I had eight anxious women show up at my house bright and early excited to create this wonderful, fun book.  Well I say it's wonderful because I created it!!  I think everyone had a great time.  I even fed them lunch to keep up their energy so they could get their books completed.  Kim and her daughter Susan worked well together all day.  What a great bonding time.
Elaine & Kara seemed to stay right on task.  They both seemed to intense on what they were working on.
Tricia just has fun whatever class she takes.  I don't even remember what she was doing here but she was enjoying it or else saying you want me to do what???
Louise is Tricia's good friend and came all the way from northern Virginia just to take my classes.  Well, I would like to think that's why she came but it was actually to visit Tricia.  Good for her I scheduled classes because I knew she was coming!!
Leslie worked very methodically and added colored pencil embellishments to a lot of her pages.  I loved some of the accents that created.  A little artist!
Now of course Linda didn't want me to take her picture.  So of course I had to take her picture.  I always say that I am the only one that attends my classes that is in the witness protection program.  So all's fair in love and picture taking..............she was having a good time anyway, I think...........
We finally got a break in the weather today, in the mid-80's and low humidity.  I didn't know this until I walked out after class and was able to breathe the air.  How wonderful.  And the butterflies were just loving my butterfly bush.  They're so beautiful and graceful.  Snapped a bunch of pictures but here are a couple.  I just sort of followed this little guy all around.  He didn't seem to mind.

And look who's riding in my car!!!!  Found this guy at the flea market last weekend.  The pumpkin base lights up.  I just can't wait to put him on my front porch, maybe for the PUMPKIN PATCH PORCH SALE!!!  I got a lot of looks as I drove home from the flea market, but no more than when I put my vintage 50's stuffed Santa in the front seat at Christmas time.  Have to keep life interesting.



  1. Glad to see you today, I have a lot to work on now. =o)

  2. Love your Halloween cat! I knew I should have gone to the flea market this weekend :).

  3. Sharon,

    I love your classes! The Halloween Book is so fun. I am anxious to create more wonderful things with your help.

    Thank you,