Friday, September 17, 2010

We took off Tuesday morning to surprise our youngest son Eric for his 30th birthday.  He had no idea we were going to be heading his way at all.  The plan was that we would be at a restaurant at an appointed time and his wife and friend would bring him to dinner and there we would be.  I talked to Eric from the home phone before we left the house to wish him a happy birthday and to say I wish we could be there to help him celebrate.  He had no clue!!  On the way up the highway I worked on acorns for the upcoming porch sale.  We had a six hour drive so I got quite a few acorns stuffed.  The dash served as a handy holding place as they accumulated.
I didn't get to take a picture of Eric at the restaurant when we surprised him so this is him reenacting the moment.  We were hiding our faces behind menus as he walked to the table, wondering why the hostess was trying to seat him at a table where people were already seated.  He was so totally shocked to see us sitting there.  PRICELESS!!!
Eric opening his gifts and acting shocked and surprised again.  He is so funny with the faces.
Mom, what's this?
And of course, a music playing football card.  I told Eric he might save this for his next fantasy football draft should he win the season since it plays "We Are the Champions".
Happy #30 Eric......
And on the way down the highway I worked on gingerbread men.  They were also filling the dashboard.  At least I got some "work" time in the car.  Mark and I stopped at quite a few antique malls on the way home.  The trip took us almost 11 hours to get home from all the stopping.  Found a couple of treasures along the way.  Bought a beautiful cross-stitched quilt in Maryland.  Not sure what drew me to this quilt but I kept going back to it.  So it came home with me.  Also bought another white tone on tone quilt.  That may be snowmen someday. 

It was nice to get away for a few days and wonderful to see Eric & Kristen (and Chad) and we can't forget Eric's sweet dog Molly.  Now it's back to reality and work and classes, and cleaning and fall decorating.  All good stuff!


  1. Wow - what handsome men you have in your family - don't tell Bernie!! I love your acorns and gingerbread men!

  2. Okay Sharon can we have the acorn pattern since you perfected it so nicely! They are adorable. Tricia has me making gingerbread men! About a dozen they look good enough to eat,no not really!
    Fall starts tomorrow hope we get some cool weather.

  3. Hi Sharon! I can hardly wait to sign up for the Christmas Cookbook. I know it will be wonderful! Elaine Frasher