Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!  There are so many ways to tell the special people in your lives that you love them.  Be sure to share a little love today!!

My husband did something very thoughtful for me today.  I mentioned one day that I liked the group Bread when I was a teenager.  We were talking about some of the songs and thinking of a time past.........I told him you would probably never find a CD for the group these days.

Also the past few weeks I have been baking bread from scratch using a starter a friend shared with me.  Well, I had a bad batch of bread this week that just would not rise for the life of me.  Fast forward to today.....Valentine's Day......  This morning when I went to the kitchen there was a note on the counter from my husband telling me not to turn on the oven because there was "bread" in the oven and I wouldn't have to worry about it rising.  I opened the oven and there, in a bread pan, covered with a towel, rising, was a CD of The Best of Bread songs.  I thought that was so sweet and creative, knowing my escapades with "bread" this week.  So see, it doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. 


Make sure to find a little stitching time after spending time with your special Valentine!!