Tuesday, February 19, 2013


on a new class schedule for March and April.  I finally finished all three projects yesterday and now have to figure out when to offer the classes.  I have so many classes that repeat each month that there aren't a lot of open dates.  It's sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle sometimes!!
Wool swatches, calendar and legal pad at the ready, trying to make it all work. 
Folded a little more fabric last night.  It's slowly getting done.  Just haven't had much free time to get it completely done, but then my back probably thanks me for that!! 
Don't the shelves look so nice compared to what they did before.  I just love that I can see each and every piece of fabric.  I even started a new project as a result of finding some fabric on the shelves.  Imagine that, another project!!!!  More hexagons! 
Wonder how long it will stay like this?  Forever I hope.  No, actually I hope I can use up some of this fabric rather than letting it hang around on the shelf. 

Happy stitching.............

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