Monday, June 17, 2013

It's done, stick a fork in it, DONE!!  My husband will be so happy to hear those words.  My new tool shed is finally done, complete with me spending three hours this morning digging up all the grass that was around it and getting new soil down and a few things planted.  I wanted to surprise my husband when he got home this evening to see that it was finished!!!  I love it and know that it will be very useful for me to have all my gardening things in one place. 
I have had the two children's shovels for years and found them in my husband's big shed and decided to hang them on my little shed. 

My good friend Lou gave me this little "tricycle" thinking my grandson might ride it.  I told her heck no, it was going in my garden.  It is adorable.  Lou is moving so I will always think of her when I see the little trike.   
Took a few random pictures around the garden.....things are starting to grow and bloom..... 
I grow yarrow really well!!  Like it just takes over!!!  Sure it has nothing to do with me and my skills. 

Oops, here it is again.....couldn't resist one more picture.  I love it and I think I have gotten my husband in trouble with some of the other husbands whose wives now want a "shed".  Oh well.................. 
Joshua checking out my flowers.   
This is my new favorite picture of Joshua.  I told him to say cheese and he struck this little pose all on his own.  So adorable!  And of course, a popsicle in hand....what do they say.....always have popcicles at Grandma's house.

Hope your day is delightful and maybe make a little time for some stitching!


  1. I love the shed. But did you make a frame firsy and then attach the doors? We had to cut down a huge pine tree that died last fall. The space is horrible. But that lil shed would be adorable!

  2. Hey Michele
    Yes, my husband built a 2x4 frame first. I think the little picture I found just had the doors attached to each other but he said that would blow over in the wind. So it is very sturdy framed out. I love it and have been gathering all my little tools and putting them inside.

  3. Your shed is darling! I want one too! If he has plans and material list I'd like to buy it!