Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where does the time go......

I'm doing a happy dance right now because I finished stitching down my Halloween tree.  I was going to work on this last week in the car on the way to Florida but our trip was canceled and finding time to stitch these days has just been hard.  So this morning I was determined to get it done.  Now I can allow myself to do the drawings that will decorate the tree.  But for now, when the classes start, all the ladies will be working on is their tree.  So step one done! 
This is a nice group of ladies that met to do muffin tin pincushions and also to celebrate a special birthday for Stacey.  I think everyone had a good time and we even got to eat cake! 
Reagan wishing Stacey happy birthday.   
Still working......almost done.....I see glue bottles.....that signals the end! 
Another wonderful group of ladies working on creating their bases for a wool round robin project.  Sometimes you have to do the not as fun work to get to the really fun stuff...... 
And here we have our resident over-achiever (and no, it's not me!!!) who went home and started working on her appliques right away.  Aren't they beautiful!!

I have had quite a few classes lately but I don't always remember to get out the camera to share what everyone is working on.  I do try and take pictures of all the finished pieces when they come back for show and tell.
Little Joshua even found a place in the classroom to do a little artwork.  He just laid down on the floor and started coloring.  So cute and sweet.  He reminds me so much of his Daddy when he was that age.  So long ago.................

I am trying to get some things caught up around here the next few days.  Lots of behind the scenes stuff that I have to do to make the classes happen.  I also have about six or seven quilty type projects started that I would love to work on if I can get my homework all caught up! 

I have added a new blog on my site to follow in case you want to see something new.  My sister has been working on an embroidery piece that she drew and designed herself and is sharing snippets of that project along with little stories.  The piece is huge and I know just beautiful in person.  Anyway, give her new blog a visit if you have a minute and see her beautiful handiwork!  It's called "Drawn by a Thread".

I am about to go and put in the new class schedule dates on the web site calendar.  The ladies in class yesterday reminded me I hadn't done that yet, and that is one of those "homework" assignments I need to tend to.  Hope you're all having a great day and wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July!! 

And as always, find a little time to do some stitching!


  1. Can't find a link to your sister's blog anywhere.

    1. Hey Gayle

      It's on the sidebar under "Blogs I Like to Visit". It's called Drawn by a Thread. I should be able to hyperlink that if I only knew what I was doing!!!!