Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My husband called and said I needed to put pictures of Lil Bubba (as he calls Joshua) on the blog.  Now my husband doesn't usually make remarks about the blog, but by golly, if he wants to see Joshua, then who am I to deny him of his only grandson?  Joshua will be seven months old in a few days, is sitting up, army crawling, trying to figure out how to make the knees work, drinking from a sippy cup, eating lots of food, clapping hands and I'm sure more since we saw him on Sunday.  It's amazing how much and how quickly they change in that first year.
Somebody is a little bit spoiled by his Poppy! 
A little tickle on the belly........ 
It is uncanny how much Joshua looks like his Daddy in these bath time pictures.  It's a little weird sometimes when I look at Joshua because I can still remember his Daddy at that age.  Like they say, like father.....like son....... 
And of course, he has those big eyes like his sisters did. 

There you go Poppy......your Lil Bubba!!

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