Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've been fussed at for not updating the blog but I have honestly been SEWWWWW busy sewing and teaching classes.  During class this morning one of my students suggested they write the blog for me.  I'm turning this post over to them.....................

We are having a great time here at Sharon's on St. Paddy's Day!  Linda brought us donuts with green icing and mint filling!  (Looks good but I cannot eat as I have "given up" sweets for Lent!*!)  Sharon has on some Irish flute music on and we are enjoying telling Sharon what classes we want her to teach - as we work on our Bird Mat.  But, it is unusual to have the air-conditioner going in March.  Wish you were here to play in the wool with us!!

Deb H.

It evidently "takes a village of stitchers" to help Sharon get her blog out there.  We've had a great morning although this bird/spring mat is a lot more trickey than it looks...all look great and such a different variety of colors.  As always, we love being here with great people and learning something new to boot!  Hopefully, Sharon won't get used to us doing this for her.....

Loosey Stitch

We had a very challenging morning completing our spring mat.  After our efforts we were treated to a wonderful lunch of chicken salad and a great pepper salad and to top it off strawberry shortcake!!  Not only are Sharon's students good stitchers but good cooks! Yum! Now we are moving forward to make our cute quirky bird!!  Let the fun continue!!

Barbara D.
We had piles of wool to work with on our morning mat project.
And more bins of wool to play with!
And wool all around us!!
And some of the wool eventually ended up on our mats!!

What a fun day we had at Sharon's "Loose Stitches" Studio..........but we were all so tired by the end of the day.  But at least we helped Sharon get her blog updated with something new!


  1. Your guest bloggers did a wonderful job with your posting and pictures. This certainly makes me want to start working with wool and join such a talented group of ladies. Thanks for all you do for us. Judy C in Clayton

  2. Thanks Judy. I love my ladies and they make the classes so much fun. Come and join us sometime!