Friday, March 30, 2012

Put a Fork in it!

Put a fork in it, I'm done with the office.  Halleujiah!!!  Now I have to finish the bedroom and put the master back together which is where we've stored a ton of the stuff from the two rooms.  All the trim in the hallway still needs to be painted, but that's another day.

I love this little bear.  My neighbor (of 23 years) and friend, Lou made him for me ages ago.  He appears here and there but today I decided he needed to be in my office holding a pincushion.  That's a small picture of my Mom in the background I found while going through stuff.  I have had a couple of crying spells today as I found pictures of her.  I miss her a lot today!

Didn't take pictures of the storage space in the closet which is holding all the true "office" stuff.  I am so thankful to have one room put back together.  Back to work for me.

Hey Sis, two posts in one day, what do you think about that??!!

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