Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Dance Day!!

As my friend Lisa says, "it's happy dance day!!"  I finished Uncle Sam this morning.  YAY!!  He still has to be whipstitched and bound, but the hooking is done.  I love him.  Thanks Lisa, for getting me going again! 
 And happy dance number 2 is because we just finished the bathroom.  FINALLY!!!  Seems like it has taken forever and I just can't believe how much stuff and work goes into one tiny space.  The only thing we're not happy with are the shower doors we hung last night.  They'll probably be replaced in the not so distant future but for now, they're up and we're living with them.  I love the way the bead board turned out and all the bronzy-black accents.  This is the first room I've ever painted "white" so that's a switch for me.  It seems so crisp and clean. 

And look who finally made it back to the proper throne sitting area.  Glad to see this thing out of the bedroom for sure.  We have lots of cleaning up and putting back together in the bedroom and bathroom so I'll post more pictures once I get a few things in the bathroom.  Right now I'm too busy dancing to worry about that!!! 
I had a small brown paper bag class here Saturday.  These ladies all wanted to make the little sewing book I created and this was the last date the class was offered so away we go.  Everyone had fun cutting, pasting and creating and they all added their own special touches to their books. 
I think Elaine was the most excited about this book.  Her's is turning out great.  Friend Kara looks on for moral support.  I'm so glad you finally have your book Elaine. 
TA-DA!!  Good going ladies.  As you can see we had our class in the living room under the holes in the ceiling because the quilt class was meeting upstairs in the classroom.   
These ladies got together for their last quilt class to add the bindings to their quilts.  Joan created her masterpiece for her son.  I know he's going to love the beautiful job she did on her quilt. 
And Debby did a Christmas quilt this time.  I love the fabrics she chose.  Notice the way the blocks were placed in the top left hand corner.  Looks like a tree. 
Love it Lynn.  The colors look great together and your layout is beautiful!
There are four ladies that couldn't attend this class so I'll be posting pictures of their finished pieces later in the week.  They're all beautiful. 

I'm going back to my bathroom.  Enjoy the day.  Happy President's Day!!


  1. Congrats on finishing your Uncle Sam rug - it turned out fabulous!

  2. Hey Sharon,

    The bathroom looks great... we did the white bead board a few years back and I love it. You are so right, it looks crisp and clean. Hope to see you soon. Tricia