Friday, February 18, 2011

I can't believe how fast the days go by.  Friday already.  I need some more days added to the week to accomplish everything I want to get done.  I think this post will be mostly about progress.  First of all bathroom progress.

The trim is up, the walls have been painted and the floor is being laid.
The dark brown is the new flooring. 
And the toilet is back in the bathroom.  YAY!!!! 
But look what happened.  I sat down Wednesday morning to hook on my rug and there was water on the floor.  I cleaned it up, trying to figure out where it came from.  I sat back down to start hooking when a plop of water hit me right on the head.  I looked up to find water dripping from the ceiling.  OH NO!!!  I called my husband to come home, moved furniture and my SAM rug out of the way, grabbed a bucket and watched as water dripped out of the ceiling.  I just knew when my husband installed the toilet, something went wrong 
We called the plumber and he finally discovered a leak in the wall behind the toilet.  Apparently when the trim work was put on, a nail nicked one of the pipes so we had a fine mist spray for a few days.  It ran down my living room walls and the ceiling.  So now we have this hole in our new bathroom walls, four holes in the living room ceiling and we're letting everything dry out before it can all be patched.  I'm beginning to think this bathroom isn't mean to be!!!  The plumber said it was just bad luck to have hit the pipe.  Oh well.........I'm used to holes in my living room ceiling!!! 
And in the middle of all the bathroom work Raleigh hopped in the shower stall and asked me to take a picutre of "how cute she was"!!  Apparently she was quite proud of her head band for that day. 
Reagan, who has been sick all week, finally started feeling better last night.  It seems she had been feeling so badly she hadn't paid attention to my rug hooking.  And we all know she wants to do whatever I do so this was no exception.  Now I have to teach her to rug hook.  She asked if I would teach her maybe when she was ten.  OK with me!  She grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of me and the rug.  Asked me to take it off the frame so she could take a picture.  I love that a six year old is so interested in all the crafts that I do.  It's very exciting to think about what she might one day do with all that knowledge she's stowing away. 
So here's my progress for this week.  Sam is coming along very nicely.  I told Lisa she had created a monster.  Every free second I have I run in and hook on Sam.  I want him done.  And there is most definitely an end in sight.  I just have the blank white squares to fill in now and I can finish him up.

We're supposed to have warm, wonderful weather today so I plan on working outside in the garage, trying to go through some crates and create a place for my car to be again!!!  Enjoy the day...........

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  1. I am so sorry about your leak, is this the same area as before? Chin up!!! Hope Reagan is all better soon!