Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quilting the day away......

Even though Saturday was a sort of dreay, overcast day, the ladies working on their quilts sure brightened things up!!  They made great progress, got their squares all sewn together and the results are beautiful.  I was able to get pictures of a couple of the gals before I had to head off to a meeting, so here's a little show and tell.
Janie is a girl after my own heart with her red, white and blue.  This one would look great in my house!!!  She'd better not leave it unattended! 
Lynn studiously sewing her blocks together. 
Lou shows off her quilt.  Some of the fabrics Lou used in her quilt were over thirty years old.  Does that make the quilt an antique already??!! 
Debby is working on a Christmas quilt.  Can't wait to see hers all put together. 
And right in the middle of things, little Raleigh stayed home sick from school.  She decided to get the "little people" as she calls my carolers, out to play.  She moved these little people all over the place, from the hallway to the bedroom and then to the office.  At one point she asked me to come and look and there was one little caroler in a night gown standing on a little red rocking chair.  All the other carolers were gathered all around the little girl.  I asked if the girl was singing to everyone and Raleigh said no, all the people were singing to her because she was sick, just like Raleigh was.  They were trying to make her feel better.  I thought that was so sweet. 
The layout of a new spring class project.  I've had several ladies asking for something with bunnies and eggs, so hope this works.  I almost have it finished since this picture was taken.  Ooops, my feet got in the photo.  Sorry.

For those of you that attended the Porch Sale last year or followed along on the blog, we have some exciting news coming up about that.  At least I think it's exciting and maybe a little bit scary....................stay tuned...................

Happy stitching..........